Free week noobs play FF?

So Halo 5 is gonna be free for a week. I got the game at launch and sometimes wonder what the game must be like for someone just starting. Warzone must be tough when they have a base BR and I am sniping from a hidden spot with a Nornfang. FF will be impossible for noobs though. FF just isn’t winnable with loadout weapons. And before anyone says “I done gone and won 192 games of FF with nuttin’ but a magnum and an AR”. No, no you didn’t. If you won someone carried you. FF REQUIRES heavy reqs. To me putting the game out for free to celebrate (and market) firefight doesn’t make much sense when noobs have no chance of winning FF. Maybe they will enjoy the other modes, hope they do and buy the game. I think if FF were more like the beta version, and winnable with loadouts, it would make more sense.

In warzone match makings they will be people like you and me with nornfangs on both teams and the same goes for noobs. In a match of randoms at the end you can see the SR of each time, where each team will have high tier, middle tier and tier SR so it actually balances out.

Look out for farmers. They probably take advantage of the noobs who don’t know how to do anything because they are new to the game.