Free-to-play Halo won't work

There just isn’t enough new cosmetic content to implement in Halo shop without it “Not being Halo”. You seen how MCC reacted to glowing/medieval armor. Even if they created new glowing armor worth the price in Infinite, people will call it not Halo even if it was cool.

Same with Halo 5 armor. It was new but just ugly. It was hard to please players even with armor pattern variants. There just isnt thay many new designs you can implement in the game without looking cheap or too different.

Name plates, Stances, skins and keychains can only go so far even if they were animated. Game is about self expression during gameplay. And Halo is a simplified game, so adding weapon effects/animations/sound changes can just throw gameplay off.

A sacrifice for the game to be free with a shop, but no one will pay for just halts any progression of the game. Halo just isnt meant to be a F2P game.

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I’m level 76 and have gotten one pair of shoulder pads. and two chest plates. lol. THATS IT.

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Exactly what I mean. Considering they split the ckntent across the seasons, the battlepass is hard to impliment when you have no content at all.


I have to get 100 just for that one bracer thing I wanted lol. but thats ok because its not like other xp games every single level is 1000xp.

we are not the creative directors lol, it is their job to come up with new stuff.

That being said I think it’ll be far more simple than you make it out to be.

I mean while the new MCC stuff was controversial, most people liked it.
Its these people that don’t like this stuff that have a bigger voice, cause they’ll have a ten paragraph essay on why it shouldn’t be in the game, or a 20 minute video or something dumb.
While people that don’t mind or do like it don’t say much because they don’t have a reason to really.


reminds me of f2p runescape! lol.

Anyone remember when halo 5 was that bad that it got abandoned and 343I went back to MCC to salvage their reputation.

We’re about the repeat that.