Free to play Halo 5

Hey all,
As we are all aware, Halo 5 is old in terms of gaming relevance. This means that population levels are low, low enough for 343 to start implementing cuts to the playlists. Which sucks, but ultimately a necessity so that populations are high enough for matches a reasonable wait times. However a solution is available to get numbers up: Free to Play.
Lets be honest anyway, sales of the game have probably stagnated a long time ago as newer releases have come and gone themselves and other than playlist rotations the game has not received any other updates as 343 has shifted focus to Infinite, Reach and MCC. Which again is not a problem and is a overall good thing for all.

But that has left Halo 5 in the wake of the other projects. With this being the last year of the current generation of systems, and Infinite coming late next year, my specific guess being November 13th or the 20th but primarily the 13th due to a slew of factors, is it in Halo’s best interest for Halo 5 to go free to play? If anything it could only help the game as it is still magnetizable with the MiCrOtrAnSaCtIoNs, gross, and get player numbers up and convince people to maybe check out the next installment or MCC if they have not already signed on?
I mean I hope the game goes Free to play as the game does need new blood in it, 343 has done this with free weekends and yes the game is on game pass, but making the game proper free to play will only be a net positive for the game, 343, microsoft and the Halo community.

Thanks for reading what I had to say.