Free to play and cheating

I really wish 343 would reconsider the whole “free to play” thing because free to play games are plagued by cheaters. I’ve heard reports and rumors of people cheating. And I really think 343 should just make it free to play through game pass only I think that would be the better option for everyone Microsoft adds more value to game pass we get to play halo infinite through game pass and we’ll less likely encounter cheaters. Also on a side note why does halo infinite costs $60 if you can get half of the game for free. I have game pass and I know I can play the campaign for free through game pass but I’m gonna buy it

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I would guess that this decision was done due to financial reasons and that they are expected to make more money from a free to play model compared to a pay to play model.

The huge advantage of free to play is that the game is so much more accessible and this do also in turn mean they may also potentially expose a larger player population to the store and the premium content sold in it.

On the other hand, I do unfortunately not have access to the sales date for any of the microtransaction system seen in any of the Halo games. It could simply be the case that the community is not interesting in purchasing Halo Credits or items from the Store.

Free to play Halo is nonsense. Fans would pay $100 for a fully feature-complete game with a well-designed UI/UX and unlocks through the campaign and multiplayer achievements like the old games. Now we have insane monetization schemes and cheaters without any barrier to entry.

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