Free Specialization code ?

I got the limited edition but for some reason still got a email giving me a code for the specializations ?

please hook me up…ive been sitting at 70 for over 2 1/2 weeks

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id give it to a European gamer

> id give it to a European gamer

Chapmman will remember that.

i feel your pain. I still haven’t received my code but i was lucky enough to have a guy in my friend list give me his. when i heard the European situation i was a shocked, i mean that’s rough.anyway i wish you the best of luck in your code quest chapmman.

so are you going to give that thing away or ???

I am stuck at 70 bud.


I’ll give you my eternal love?

I got banned for offering something for a spec. code so heads up there banning regardless the currency

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I’m from Europe, I wanted to buy the limited edition but my local gamestop -Yoinked!- me over. Now it seems I have no chance of going past lev. 70. I’d really appreciate if you could help with this. Thank you.

european player as well pliz so bored to be stuck to 70