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We started this Company for Spartans maybe new to H5 looking for a new company to join building from the ground up, but not new at this. As well as Spartans who may have missed out on the Achiles armor set. We are a social, squad tactics, mature company that welcomes all skill levels. The minimum requirement for this company is 20 non custom matches per week in any game mode. Dont be scared away by our small numbers this is our second company build and have 90+ members backing up this company in Warzone Elite. Some of whom will transfer to this Company after we complete the LV5 kill comms to pursue the Achiles armor they missed from joining our company after LV3 completion. If you are interested in leadership role don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Thank You, and good hunting Spartans.__WZE Rogue Leader - Founder, Warzone Elite Rogues.
WZE Yoda - Founder, Warzone Elite.

Hey! I was wondering if your group that has been playing Warzone a good bit together would be interested in joining a larger community with a lot of organization and internal events? Its called the Epsilon Fleet and you can check out our website at It would be amazing if you would be interested because we always love more people to play Warzone with, challenge in custom games and so much more!