Free Practice Lesson's for Gamers over the age of 28

Halo Senior Center is a group for the gamers over the age of 28. This is a NEW group just starting out. Monday Nights will be instruction night to go over the basics and network with NEW members.

“This Monday”: The lesson is called “Snipe that *ss” we will warm up with a round of sniper practice from 7:30 to 7:45. from 7:45 - 8:30. We will then go over the Map ASYLUM and discuss map placement, spawns and game awareness. Afterwards for those who can stick around we will do some MM together.

So if you feel the kids are just to quick for you and you would like to hang with gamers your own age, or you are looking for free quality instruction to improve your game please go to Halo Senior Center


Monday lesson should be a good, Its a copy of MLG Ghostayame lesson plan we took last year.

I signed up, looking forward to learning more about spawns to improve my map placement.

Ghostayame 2 Hour Lesson is what I will be reviewing tonight. There are couple of differences between Sanctuary and Asylum and we will go over all of them.

We will want to run this lesson in forge tonight and will limit the class to 8. Just send me an invite, if you are over the age of 28, if you would like to join in.