Free Multi clan tournament

I know you some of you guys h8 clans and hey I don’t blame you some of the supper size clans mess up your games and spam you all the time .We are Cone and we are different we are just in it for fun. So we will be hosting a free multi clan halo 4 slayer tournament now don’t worry you don’t need to be in a clan to join in, you could just be players/team that play together often enough for you to test your metal. To register send a message to me WARCONE on Xbox live with your team name and your team captains gamer tag, you need to have 4 players with 2 backups that’s 6 for those of you who are not so good at the math. Or if you just want some good people to game with or want some info on Cone hit me up guys I don’t bite. Good gaming people hope to hear from you soon.