Free month of Live + eventual ODST download (HELP)

Hey all,

I’ve had HALO MCC since launch and i’ve played it since then too, couldn’t find games at all until the patch in mid December - literally I left it running in the background for 3 hours and could never join! However on the 15th I did manage to play, and Halo Waypoint has logged this game with all the correct stats etc. I didn’t get a chance to play it in the 4 days after because of seeing family and enjoying christmas with them, however I know the free month of Live has started/ been rolled out for people who logged online play time in the run up to the 19th and i’ve heard didly squat, no dashboard messages and my current subscription hasn’t changed, anyone else experienced this?

Sounds like you are eligible, so it’s really just a case of waiting until it rolls out to everyone. Not everyone has the free month yet, but it is on its way. The FAQ from Bonnie’s blog post mentioned the drop time for the free month was mid to late January, so there’s still plenty of time for it to hit your account. You can check if you have a gold subscription, pretty easy to match up the dates from there and see if it’s been applied. That’s how I knew my sub was extended - this happened last week and I have not yet recieved any emails or XBL messages about it

I’m going to facepalm really hard if even the compensation package for this broken game is also broken. Still haven’t received anything, not that it will make me feel much better. A smooth working game would be nice…

I checked tonight and mine has been extended, donno what to tell you

I bought Halo MMC right on launch. I’ve played the multiplayer since I had was said that they gave out the one month of xbox live last week and I still haven’t got anything.

I also have seen nothing.

I pre-ordered from the MS store and definitely played it (I was online) many times during the specified time period (including being reset (campaign) a couple of times due to updates.)

I enjoyed the H5 beta and I still think the four campaigns are great value but if the compensation is also broken that really is the icing on top of the matchmaking and update/campaign reset bugs.