"Free" Maps

Anyone else have the feeling that we already know what these free maps are…

6 warzone maps, which are actually 3 because assault maps are the same. Take into consideration that they copy/paste armories, base, garage.

We now have what, 6 remixes? Idk really I don’t play arena…actually I don’t play halo anymore.

A handful of forge btb maps that supposedly do not count.

This makes what…about 12 maps out of the 20 or so free maps we were going to get.

Now, with griffball, we are going to get more “free” maps. I guess 2-3 griffball maps. It wouldn’t surprise me if they count towards the 20…

Anyone else feel the same way? That these free maps are going to be a joke.

I know! Check this video out! I kind of touch alot on this!

Free maps are free maps. Which means they’re great.

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> Free maps are free maps.* Which means they’re great.

*With the purchase of REQ Packs.