Free is not an excuse: Here is why

There are two sides to every coin. Free-to-play is not an exception to this.

Halo isn’t just some random game that popped up over night. It’s been around since 2001, when free-to-play wasn’t a thing. Each of those halo(s) 1-3, ODST, Reach improved upon each other.

Since 3 we been able to customize our Spartan in some shape or form and Reach we got to fully customize them.

The MP in Reach was amazing it was the pentacle of the Halo series. (Between Reach and 3 for some people).

Halo 4 was meh, Halo 5’s campaign was a let down and made people mad, but it’s mp was great with the exception of the loot crate system.

Halo: Infinite MP went totally backwards and has less in it. Not in form of maps and forge. (Those will come later). But in weapons, vehicles, and a staple of Halo, customization.

Instead we get this battle pass… in a “beta”, and all this other pay for content… in a “beta”. And we have less.

Naw you can’t defend Halo:Inf MP because it’s F2P. It should be better, have more in it, more (new/old) weapons, more (new/old) vehicles. Instead it has less, seems like the game will have less too of this stuff.

Why: because it’s 21 yr old franchise, that’s been here before a battle pass, when things were earned through achievements and not a battle pass and money.


Guess what, I had to buy Halo 2+ with money I got, Christmas, Birthday, Earned. So yeah just because it’s f2p doesn’t make it any less or more.

343 didn’t achieve what they promised us. At this point it would be better to revamp Halo 5’s MP in Halo:Inf…. Just without a loot crate system or battle pass.


It really hurts to hear that this is the direction they thought would be the most successful approach to Halo after 6-7 YEARS of planning. The system is broken and is reeeaaally going to hurt the game if they don’t do something about it soon.

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Not only that, but if we look at the numerous games that came out F2P before. Apex,Fortnite,Warzone, and all those on PC. None of them had the harsh problems this game has upon release.None of them had the audacity to pay wall their cosmetics so hard as well. In fact, most of them have ways of earning skins and what not via in game. This “game” does not. Regardless of it being a “Beta” does not excuse it. They had way more time and money compared to these other titles.

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So true, what a shame.

Exactly this. Really sick of the whole “you wouldn’t walk into a department store and buy everything inside” argument either because the analogy doesn’t really fit. In that past, I “owned” that department store and everything inside and just had to reach really high to get things on the top shelf that I wanted.