Free Gold from MCC not activating.

I am having problems with getting my free month of xbox live gold.
I have posted in the right forum on several times but all I get is “The proper teams are continuing to investigate the issue. We will provide any updates we receive as soon as they become available. Thank you for your patience!” And when I contacted xbox directly they told me I need to get in contact with 343 since they are the ones dealing with it, and the only way I can do that is by posting this. So please can someone help me.

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I have tried every avenue to contact XBOX support / 343 Industries & Microsoft Studios
but no one is listening and no one cares for my complaint
I have been unfairly missed out of Halo MCC compensation scheme and want the freebies like
everyone else. I purchased xbox 1 specifically for Halo Mcc and was affected buy a
broken game like millions worldwide. Now I want you guys to be FAIR and give me
ODST free and 1 month xbox live free please or my HALO journey will end here…
I can e-mail my halo MCC proof of purchase and you can check your logs for my
date and times playing Halo to prove i deserve compensation…