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since its going on three months that MCC been broke and 343i and Microsoft knew it was an unfinished product that should of not been released. We day one users should have the option to chose a game of our choice. like GTA5 COD advance warfare ect. this is starting to get really old. they starting to lack on updates pushing them back at the last min. lack of Lack of communication. and now a beta test on a game that’s already out. give us a game free till its fix or something like that a its time to stop staring out window drinking whatever and WORK and even hire and or FIRE some people. ( and when you give us dates for updates keep them don’t push them back for days on end) YOUR KILLING HALO

Why should Rock-Star or any other non-343 or non-Microsoft affiliated company have to give out games for free for something they had no hand in? That is just a bad sense of entitlement.

343 Microsoft pays for it if they want us to buy their next game

So a free game will make you buy Halo 5? Don’t you think you should see how Halo 5 performs before buying it rather than making an immediate purchase just because you got a free game?

im not going to buy halo 5 for a few months after release anyway or till MCC is fixed

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a free game will cover spending the 60 bucks and not be able to play the game that night and it still has a lot of issues

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don’t want to play campaign do to not saving freezing and not unlocking achievements.

Odd, I can play the campaign and get matches, though with some wait. And if the beta testing for the new patch actually works, the game may start working since it appears to be overhauling the coding of the game itself. Still, its been a rough experience, but you aren’t getting a free game of your choice. You are already getting the ODST add-on if you qualified for it. Typically, when things like this happen, the developer provides a free game from their catalog. That is what Ubisoft did recently if I recall after Unity. I don’t even think their is a precedent for getting a completely free game from unrelated developers as compensation for a broken game.

and if it don’t work 343 is done

Maybe, maybe not. Halo 4 functioned well on the Xbox 360 as well as any of the other Halo games did. The MCC is a different kind of beast as compared to a standalone title anyway and had its own problems. We’ll see, but I think it will depend on if Microsoft gave 343 enough time to work on the game. Publishers always want to hit holidays for max profits, so I’m sure the MCC wasn’t helped by a rushed development.

For a free game of choice on the xbox one? Hmm. I’d say Halo 3: ODST. Oh wait!! We’re already getting that. Nevermind then.