Free For All weekly challenge

I currently have the weekly challenge of “SQUAD OF ONE” which states “Kill Enemy Spartans in Free For All Matches”. I tried to play rumble pit but the challenge has not progressed, and it appears the old Free For All playlist is gone. Any suggestions or ideas?


Yeah, Free For All challenges are broken right now. And of course I have two of them right off the bat. One for killing 10 enemies and one for completing 5 matches. Played 2 matches with over 30 kills total so far and no progress at all.

Fantastic, guess I won’t be progressing much this week! Hopefully 343 compensates us for this defect.


Yup. I have the “earn 2000 points” one and nothing is happening. It seems when they changed FFA to Rumble Pit, they forgot to make the challenge recognise that change.

Hey y’all, this is being looked into - hang tight!


FFA challenges have been broken since December

when fixed, will Last Spartan Standing also count for that challenge, since LSS is also a FFA-mode?

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Going by previous events and challenges, probably not.

probably, however, it doesn’t hurt to ask :wink:

Dont worry 343 will probably give everyone the weekly ultimate reward like theyve done a few times before when challenges were bugged.
No rush you have until November to hit 100

I wouldn’t mind that :wink:

Then again: they haven’t had to do that in an event-week yet, so what would that mean for the event?

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Mine just started working! Played a game of Last Spartan Standing and it counted for Free For All kills

Same here. I had the 10 kills in FFA and i completed it in LSS.

Currently you have to close the game completely to progress, should be an option hold B to exit the game so you can see the stats and get the xp right then and there

Same on my side but with a challenge asking me for 5000 points in ffa. I’m pretty sure the challenge is set for the old ffa playlist and not the rumble pit one.