Free for all party restrictions kinda suck

As much as we could just do custom games free for all being able to kill random people AND my friends was always a big appeal for me, I kinda want it back


Can’t really vouch for what it used to play like in other titles, but it makes sense as to why groups may be limited.


MCC has this. Idk why it’s not in in this game.

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Because there were multiple people in MCC abusing this to boost there XP and stats.


And? I care about having fun. Not stats. And who cares if someone’s boosts xp.


Boosting XP can cripple overall playtime, this is mostly for players who play for the sake of progression, and then will hop off to do the same in other games, since (in infinites case especially) the only thing to really grind out is the battle pass, there’s no real incentive to stick around when so many other games also have battlepasses and then some. This is one of those things developers probably try to temper so that players will play the game “as intended” and not just go into FFA games with others and systematically complete every capstone and challenge and then just get off, as for a live service game, that’s bad.

Other people do though, especially when it comes to SBMM or any form of competitive play. You know someone is going to into FFA, bolster stats so they can look good or get in with some soft-sweats and then when they actually go into MM, get demolished, go onto the forums and say MM sucks and isn’t working as intended.

TL;DR - For players this may not seem like a big deal and I understand what you mean, but it’s one of those things developers in any game will try to pevent.

I wouldn’t want FFA to not gain you xp but I guess that would be the only fix.

There shouldbt be SBMM but that’s another topic.

Yeah I get you. It does suck because me and my friend love to play FFA together and the fun part is playing the game as intended. Not cheating

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