Free-For-All Feedback

So far, I’m liking where the multiplayer gameplay is headed. I played my 10 matches to get ranked in slayer, and now I just got done finishing my 10 matches in free-for-all.

I’d like to leave some constructive feedback on my free-for-all experience, and feel free to comment if you agree or disagree. There needs to be less players in a free-for-all game. Eight is way too many. Eight players is cheapening the experience, because you are getting shot at within five seconds of spawning every single time. I actually think the size of the maps are a good size, but not good for trying to fit eight different “teams” into safe spawns. The range of the pistol in this game is too far for this type of game type, and makes it difficult to mount any sort of rhythm. It got to the point where as long as I was able to get one kill before I was getting shot in the back I would consider that a victory.

I don’t think the maps need to be bigger, and I actually don’t mind the range of the pistol, so to me the most logical thing to do would be to get more creative with the spawns and drop the players down to a maximum of 6. Maybe even 5.

That’s my two cents so far.

I always used to think that 8 players was to many, but after playing a lot of matches I get used to it! It’s constantly one Spartan after the next! Very challenging and if you expect to raise your KDA in FFA, well no chance.

But I always enjoyed free for all when it was a run and gun, fight for the power weapons type gameplay. Right now, going for power weapons is a complete death trap. I’ve played in several games where the sniper rifle goes untouched for nearly 30 seconds, because you’d be shortchanging yourself by picking the sniper over the pistol.