Free For All dosnt need outlines

The outline to tell you who the enemy is doesn’t need to be in FFA I can understand why its there in a team-based game because its the outline that tells you who is on your team and who is not but when it comes to free for all everyone is your enemy so we don’t need the outline to be there


I’d love to have the option to turn the outline off completely for all modes. Our teammates have a waypoint above them. That was good enough in past games. This is already an option in theater mode.


all past games team members were physically coloured red or blue but if you want it to be optional then I don’t see why not

But will 343i walk back their changes? What about custom games, will we be able to do it then?

343i is literally selling colors. They have a financial incentive to never add that feature. If they do add it then I’ll respect them a bit more (and honestly I’ll be glad), but management has clearly made their bed and is willing to lie in it. Being able to turn off outlines is a lesser change that they already have implemented in theater mode.

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FFA and firefight definitely don’t need outlines. I hope they stay in other modes though

Honestly only ally spartans should have an outline. If there’s no outline, then it’s an enemy would work perfect. Makes spotting enemies who might otherwise go unnoticed too easy.


Agreed. I wished they just removed it entirely or give us the option to turn in off for the enemy team at least. The many times ive had an enemy player run by me thinking it’s a teammate because im so used to it being RvB is nuts. Also, “out of the million of customization options” having a player on the enemy team dressed exactly as my teammate has also gotten me killed, to a lesser extent but has happened nonetheless.


I completely agree but they’ve said it’s because it’s tied into the shield animation so it’s not as easy as switching it off.

Like I say - I agree - so don’t pitchfork me!

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The game in general doesn’t need outlines.

Gimme back muh teamcolors


Not a single mode in this game needs outlines. They need to remove enemy outlines ASAP (not optional) and just make friendly outlines completely optional.
I personally would do just fine with no outlines on anyone, and just use the teammate nametags (but those need to be a little larger and clearer)

The outline system needs to stay in Halo Infinite for team gametypes but in FFA there’s no point to have it on because everyone is a enemy. This statement :clap: is true in so many ways I’m happy that someone else finally noticed it.

I feel like people aren’t recognizing the problem with Red vs. Blue System.
Most maps in Halo where one color to close for your enemy or teammates by blending in with the map. Which means at the beginning of the match the game is already unfair and not balance between two different teams. That’s why in Halo 5 everything was outline to find stuff faster. For example…

  1. Lockout - Blue Team blends in with the map while Red sticks out.
  2. Sanctuary - Red blends in with the map while Blue Team sticks out.
  3. Almost all dirt style map Red blends in more while Blue sticks out and so…

The other problem 343 isn’t going to put 2 different colors against each other that’s the opposite of the main color of the maps in Matchmaking. Then the other problem is if 343 or someone in the community made a gametype that doesn’t have the Teammate Waypoint over there heads then people won’t know who to shoot at. In the long run of things the outline system is the best thing overall all.

But in no way is it prefect. Like the outline shouldn’t even activate unless you’re looking at someone not the general area because it literally just gives off way to much information.

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No I just want Red vs Blue back and no I don’t care if I’m on the red team and not blue.

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I would agree with this, and I would also say that the outline doesn’t need to be there in team slayer for enemies, just blue for teammates

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If anything it’s more confusing to have it in FFA. It looks like they’re all on the same team out to get you :scream:

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Yeah why have it for both? Obviously if one isn’t lit I could tell who’s who…

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Yeah when someone on my team is wearing red sometimes I get legacy PTSD and think they’re the enemy :weary:


You have a super advanced system that has hacked the enemy team coms and knows how to paint an outline on enemies, regardless of range, but have an 18m radar. LOL This is dumb. Enemies should have no outline on any mode.

Lore accurately, one thing you left out is that this is “training for a new generation of Spartans”.

So these are the standards they want new Spartans to train with.

No collision totally makes sense to have in a highly stressful war games simulation :man_facepalming: What are they training Spartans or grunts? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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We had 48 default colors In Halo 5, the next Halo game we get 10 default colors and the other 38 are locked behind a paywall.

They should have given us the 48 default colors cross core and been more creative with color Coatings from there.

So far they haven’t been all that impressive with the Armor Coatings.
There is only a handful that I like the rest are bit worthy of being a monetized item.

They seriously tried to sell us brown, tan, and red

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This shows up in theater. When you have the outlines off they will appear whenever a player has damaged shields. I don’t know how it looks if a player has broken shields or spawns with no shields, I’ll need to load it up and take another look.