Free event also appears to be paid

With the way people on twitter are advertising the event and the words they are using, it appears that the “free” event has 30 free unlocks while the rest may be locked behind mtx.

The armour unlock-able for free is nothing close to what weve been shown of the armour, and the gamedata shows way over 30 pieces for the yoroi core

Even the “free” events are going to be monetized.
This is really a window into what the future of this games events will look like, just limited time events with special armour in the store to encourage that good ol fomo spending
Who realistically knows how long these events could go without returning, especially if 343 has so many of them planned.

This is a mistake, this whole monetization system is a mistake and its creeping into every aspect of halo infinites future, every event will just be another opportunity to open the wallet.


The current battle pass grind isn’t bad enough so her is another 30 tier grind that has a significantly shorter duration plus good news, more will be coming in the next few weeks! /s

But seriously, if this requires a long grind on top of the long grind we are already dealing with for the battle pass that forces us to play in ways we don’t enjoy i am done with this pile of -Yoink!-.