Free DLC

So the DLC in reach is awesome, the maps are really good and more enjoyable than the standard reach maps.

It is really really frustrating not being able to play on them in knowing how much they add to the experience because a few people still playing the game haven’t bought them.

Now I would love to see the sales of the DLC lately, I couldn’t imagine a whole lot at all which is really disappointing as they are definitely worth the money (assuming you could actually play on them).

At this point in Halo Reach’s life surely it would make sense to just give people the maps for free now or just drop the price, make them required for all but maybe 1/2 playlists.

I simply feel that giving the maps out at this point in Reaches life, can only add to the experience for those who have, or have not bought them. On top of making matchmaking a much more enjoyable place, it may bring some people back to the game.

Dropping the price won’t make a difference, the DLC prices have dropped to 400 many times, yet the DLC variety lacks.

Keep in mind, Halo Wars still has full price DLC and it came out early 2009, I believe the Mythic Map Pack II for Halo 3 is still full price too.

Making all the playlist DLC req isn’t going to encourage people to buy the DLC, just discourage them to play X playlist.

The words “cheap” and “free” not do not exist in Micro$ofts dictionary (343Inds).

There are several games free for xbox live arcade

Harms way
Dirrito’s Crash Course
and nother space shooter one.

Free DLC is probably not a likely occurance though i have seen it happen several times before with other games.

One thing is certain though.

If you p[ay for the halo3 DLC your an idiot.

Halo ODST comes with all Halo 3 DLC as well for one low price.

Ive seen it so low as 2-5 dollars before with both discs.

So that being said DLC should equally be dropped to 1-2$ each, but i doubt it will be as the digital copies of games far exceed thier counter parts in price.

I only play off of anniversary disc and thinking on rebuying reach since anniversary play list is starting to get boring. Anyway i see it would be a good idea to make them free but it’s unlikely to happen.

Sell the Defiant and Nobel map packs for a 1 dollar each, advertise on Waypoint, as a prompt for a month in the opening screen of Reach and intermittently on XboX live opening screen.

At some point in the near future these map packs will become completely irrelevant and MS will not make enough to pay for lunch for Bill Gates. Now is the time to strike, while the iron is hot.

I bought Reach as a download on the XBL marketplace last year and got all the DLC content free. I have obviously bought anniversary so don’t be confused. Better ask your Mom for some extra monies or go find some work. I assume you are young because we’re talking about buying something that costs about as much as going out to eat.

And then on the 7th day, 343i said “Let there be Squad DLC!”, and it was so.

Yeah I agree I wouldn;t have wated my ms points on the two map packs… I only play on them like 1 every 10 games…

They should at least make the Noble map pack free, since they released the Noble achievements for everyone, regardless if they bought the maps or not. Much like the Heroic map pack from Halo 3, make the Noble maps free. I like Anchor 9 and Tempest, and would like to play on those maps.

As for the Defiant maps, at least they could lower the price to 400 MSP.

2 year bump! Come next week, Halo Reach will be free. Let’s hope that includes the DLC!

edit: just saw that it won’t be included. Very bad move. Further devalues the game (it will go free, population will spike, then drop sooner than it would if DLC was included).

They really should do a sale or something seeing as Reach is going to be the next free game of the month in September.