Free Customization feedback

Older Halos had all their customization earnable for the most part, even halo 5’s was earnable through getting req points by playing.

from what i can tell, approximately 24 of the currently obtainable items are earnable for free without paying anything at all, all only for the MK 7 Core. Based off of current patterns and assumptions, about 50 of the current MK7 core items, emblems, and coatings are Exclusive to the store; likely more because of the items that haven’t been added yet. based off of the fact that a armor set has 9 items, 2 of which are identical shoulders, and a helmet set has 4 items, 2 adding up to 8; it would be upwards of approx 200 USD to purchase every store exclusive item. The MK5B Core requires purchasing the battle pass and we already know the Yoroi armor with have pieces only obtainable through the store. we also know there will be customization earned from the campaign, but we don’t know what and how much.

Long story short, this is not good. As well made and enjoyable as the game is, this is too many items exclusive to the store in comparison to what’s earnable for free. There should be an equal number of earnable items as purchased ones, if not more. The MK5B Core should be free and have a few free items in the pass.
We should have items earned through completing commendation like challenges, like with halo 3. We should also have a way to earn small amounts of credits for playing, maybe about 10-20 per game win, this would allow players to slowly work towards an item in the store without being too easy.

While i understand that 343 obviously needs to make money to continue development of the game, people are more likely to spend money if they don’t feel like they have to in order to get a good amount of customization items

I agree that a small amount of credits should be earnable through gameplay, many other F2P titles have used this option, doesn’t have to be on a per game basis but could be based around certain milestones - I.e every 10 battle pass levels or campaign milestones.

I do find the amount of challenge swap awards disincentivizing, feels like an item that should be attainable through a cheap loot pack like the bronze halo 5 packs, and lacks the reward for all the work it takes to level up.

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The Season 1 Main Battle pass is mostly Premium, but the Events that will be happening as part of Season 1 are not. Alot of the Reach armors, Blue flaming head, Yoroi armor core and armor customizations and stuff like that will be part of Season 1 events that have a separate Battlepass track and they are all 100% Free.
So while the Main Battlepass is mostly paid, the Events will be all Free. First event starts next week on the 23rd

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Interesting idea, didn’t even think about that

@Deaths_Shadow74 yeah i know that much, the current problem is we don’t know how many rewards those events will have or how long it will take to level them. not having items earnable for free outside of events also de-incentivizes F2P players from playing outside of events

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The Fractures: Tenrai event will have (If I remember correctly) 20 tiers of 1-3 items per tier and will last one week but return multiple times during Season 1 and carry over progress for people who missed out or couldn’t level it all the way, with multiple other events coming after that as well.

As far as F2P aspect goes, I genuinely think the best fix would be to include Credits for in-game completions. Capstone challenge should have Credit rewards as well, and the Battlepass should include enough Credits to pay for the next Season to make the game more inclusive for players to are strictly or preferably F2P.

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Fair, but the battle pass, store, and events shouldn’t be the only ways to earn customization, not including campagin of course. that’s one of the things that should be included with the career progression when they add it, as well as commendations that award gear similar to how halo 3 did it

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I’d be surprised if we didn’t get career/Achievement based unlocks later on. I know right now, for Ranked, whatever you place, you get a weapon emblem for that rank as well. So I placed Diamond and unlocked a Diamond weapon Emblem. Stuff like that would be cool, and I like having the exclusive capstone challenge rewards too. I’m looking forward to career progression later on for this game for sure.

Free customization is important. The free-to-play aspect of games can either be the best or worst thing to happen to it. As long as Halo Infinite has plenty of opportunities for F2P players, I think this game could be even bigger with F2P players. For example you get free rewards for watching the upcoming HCS tournaments

yeah the game has definitely got a good baseline and it hit like a quarter mil on steam on a tuesday, which is impressive

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Especially considering the surprise early access.

1,000 Credits along with the Capstone reward, Credits as part of the Battlepass and Event Battlepass and XP rewards per match based on Medals would be amazing. Implement this system, and it’d quell alot of the current complaints without taking away from alot of the game’s revenue because I know alot of folks would still buy Credits in the store.

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oh they definitely would, i already bought 30 USD worth of credits myself, but that’s cuz i don’t personally mind that some items are in the store, but i do mind that so little items are free

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