Free content from the season 1 battle pass should be brought back due to lack of warning

I wouldnt mind them removing current and future season free content with proper warning, but they should add back season 1 free content for removing it without warning while stating battlepass will always be available post season.


You had six months.
They never said directly it would remain for free players, even if they never said directly it wouldn’t.
You aren’t missing much. Just Mk VII and Trailblazer.


Tbf trailblazer is the best helmet

Personally prefer Firefall. But I did see something where someone suggested adding free season 1 content as daily’s in the store. I think this is a decent medium, buy the BP or buy the helmet you missed for like 100-200 credits.

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Free content should be brought back in order to keep whatever pop is left, playing.

Simple fix, set every past season free content into a commendation like system.

FOMO goes only so far until pop drops, then you need to start giving stuff away for player engagement. Start layering past content into a gamemode/weapon usage/campaing commendation system.


I’m not sure we can claim FOMO here. Anyone who didn’t complete the BP in 6 months wasn’t really that worried about missing out on all the weekly rewards.


“No new players have joined Halo Infinite after release”


Fair point.

Should they restructure the S1 battle pass to have (at least some) earnable credits to minimise the issue for new players?

I didnt miss anything I say this on my view on behalf of others
the game had a really rough start being in alpha phase so I am sure plenty of people just didnt want to deal with halo but would want the content in the future

but sadly this game is HEAVY on the fomo

But, when things are emblems or subpar coatings the game lacks good content. 343 either accepts the “FOMO” or releases subpar content.

The expiring free S1 Battle Pass snafu was poor communication and borderline false advertising from 343i, at least as far as I’m concerned. Nothing’s going to be done about it, though. The S1 BP remains available for purchase and will presumably do so indefinitely, however, so cosemtics in that pass aren’t out of reach.

As for timed shop items? I think they’ve been pretty transparently “limited time only” from the start, so I wouldn’t count on seeing the S1 items back real soon. Mark my words, though: they will absolutely come back, eventually. The marketing potential for “Back from the Season X vault for a limited time only!!!” is going to be too much for 343 to leave these assets collecting digital dust. I think they’re just biding time right now to boost the perceived exclusivity of these “expired” items to build demand for them to come back in the aforementioned throwback bundles.

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I hope they just bring back MCC’s Exchange

Battlepass/challenges should give Exchange Tokens (to redeem for old season content) in addition to credits

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This was stated to happen prior to launch.

Just change it so that older passes can be progressed on the free side without the Premium. That’s “Players first”, and extremely friendly to newcomers.

Content isn’t equal to utilizing FOMO.
i343 is partly leaning on having timed events with content behind it, that’s playing on the FOMO strings.
Whatever quality the content happen to be, is of no relation to what i343 is doing.

A 16 second section, tops, in a 12 minute video covering a lot of different subjects, most of which were rushed through to get it over with. By a studio which has a history of technicalities, contradictions and vagueness.

It’s there, in the same vein you list a bunch of things and slip it by.

“Okay, so I’ll buy potatoes, chicken, ketchup, spaghetti, cucumber, corn, lettuce, -Yoink!-, soap, garlic, toothpaste, milk, flour, flowers, shampoo and some paper towels on my way home”

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Yes, a solution would be to have a permanent catalogue for all or most items (Fracture events may not be included in the store since they should be made into the only FOMO in the game). However, even if they are using FOMO, would people still claim FOMO over an emblem? I have only seen someone complain that they can’t get an emblem once. It was regarding the community playdate.

If you’re playing you’ve probably finished the first BP in 6 MONTHS.

No one complains that other game’s BPs don’t bring back content for people who jump in the game later or never finished it in the first place. The paid content is still available, unlike any other BP out there so this argument is not very strong.

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Its there.
You admitted it yourself.
It does not matter how it was presented.
It was the mp overview.
An overview that covered all aspects of the mp and explained how it worked.

Ergo the premise of this thread. That being a lack of warning, isn’t valid.
People were warned they just chose not to pay attention.

All the negatives you listed about 343i and there actions historically only go to show people dont learn from the past.
It was there in plain english but everyone hopped on the hypewarts express instead of thinking clinically about what they had been told.
“343i is pro consumer” they belowed fr9m the roof tops.
Dissmissing me as a “hater” for pointing out the obvious, only turn now mo ths later and claim im a “fanboy” all because I exercised a primary school level of english comprehension.

Pay attention to announcements.
Watch to source, rather than regurgitate third party interpretations made prematurely by gaming “journalists.”
Then perhaps we could have had a strong voice in leveling these complaints befpre launch like so many of us tried.

These threads, btw guys you can search topics, no need to make these duplicates of discourse already being had, are incredibly weak arguements.
Either you didnt care enough for 6 mo ths to unlock the items or didnt take time to understand the season syatem as it was clearly explained at the inception of the community learning of it.
So the question is why do people suddenly care?
Why didnt they care enough prior?
How is it the fault of 343i that people who showed no indication of caring suddenly want to get up in arms over something they were unequivocally warned abiut months ago?

I think we need to grow up a little so many valid points of critisms to be made but instead we see people manufacture narratives to moan about, admittedly poor practices, when theres no need to make up problems. We have plenty to deal with as is.

Hope people take this moment and learn from it. Pay better atrention to rhetoric. Make sure you understamd whats being said before you praise or complain something.
The linked video spurred countless articles on how good 343i was for the players, but how many took the time to look at the language and the abundantly obvious implication?

Ya it sucks stuff got pay walled. Shame none seem to care when we all got told it would happen. Last october.

The argument is fine if you have facts, and past experience with other FTP games that have released seasonal content. I’m not sure why you are so emotional about this. This game is bleeding players, the progression system has not engaged the “broader audience” that 343 wants, so I offered a solution to player engagement, outside of the events.

People complain all the time about this sort of thing , Warzone, Destiny, Apex, Warframe, ect. Check any of those forums and you will see people complain about stuff that has been sunset or removed from the store. Off the top of my head, the seasonal music tapes for Warzone, the weapons and seasonal cosmetics for Destiny, cosmetics in Apex, Primes in Warframe.

Destiny 2 also allows players to retrieve items from past seasons as well, so it’s not really the only game that allows that on the market, and I am sure if I put some effort into looking, I could find another.

All of this posturing is pointless. These are free items that have already been created, and are sitting in the game taking up space, 343 might as well put them to use in a way that boosts player experience. Throwing them in the store doesn’t seem to be cutting it for most players.

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Presentation do actually matter, a lot.

Ah yes, a video released long before the game got launched or saw its first Flight.

Warnings are usually presented, in proper, to the public when there’s a little time left. Not some 9-10 months prior, in a hailstorm of information.

It was explained, not warned, in a video pre-dating the first Flight, resulting in the likelyhood of a significant portion of the community not having seen it.

Which goes to show how poorly it was presented, despite the “plain English”, and how much of a “warning” it was.

Only post regarding the battle pass not expiring and not being pro-consumer had nothing to do with Premium being the way of the battlepass not expiring.
Couldn’t find anything post June 2021 relating to battlepasses, expiration or purchasing it to have access to it post Renewed season.

That post being November 2021;

“It not expiring isn’t a pro consumer move really.
Its just a tactic to allow for a slower than normal progression and retain players longer with less frequent updates.
People aren’t forgetting they don’t expire.
They just aren’t congratulatory about a deign choice that artificially creates a benefit the pass could still progress at a decent rate while not expiring.
The issue is a lack of content all round especially considering the 6 month season 1.
Game is fun though so that’s the main thing.
Not too bothered about the pass generally play for fun not to unlock cosmetics.
That said I’m not a fan of how challenges effect the objectives.”