Free Agent Xbox one

Looking to build a new Halo clan, possibly call of duty and more as well, but preferably Halo. Master Chief Collection or Halo 5 and beyond, I want to join or build a Clan/team that is about everything.

Here are a list of some thoughts:

Build a brand

Build a group of people with talents and special skills to help boost and boast the Brand

Be about team

Casual Gamers

Competitive gamers


Xbox live

Hopeful for multiplatform in the future

Willing to set aside 2 or days a week (Not all day and not, people do have lives)

Relieablity of leaders


I havent competed for money or in tournaments but I have participated in game battles. If you want to discuss more with me, message me on here or message me GT- ib Toussaint


Hey, how’s it going? I actually just started recruiting for exactly what you mentioned. I’m trying to start a new gaming community centered on Halo. You seem like you have the drive needed to get something like that done, so would you like to talk more about it?

Here’s an ad I placed on Bungie’s Classifieds, feel free to give it a once over to get the gist of what my vision for the group is: Group Ad

You can message me here, on Bungie, or over xbl. My GT is Veckzis.