Free Agent - Looking for Recruitment

Whats up guys, currently searching for a reputable clan in the Halo Community for a shot at recruitment. 15+ Years of Halo competitive experience going back to the H2 Original Xbox days.My main focus of gameplay these days is H2 Classic & H5 Guardians playing on the EST US Time Zone.

If you are looking to fill some spots in your team and would like to discuss more into detail plans for the future please let me know.

Hey!y clan os looking to pick up some players. Most of us are also EST. We are mainly playo.g MCC right now. But of course will be playing Infinite.

We are trying to stick to the Greek mythology with our clan to stay in touch with in game halo lore. We are Philoctetes Brotherhood

Are you lookin for a competitive team or a community?

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> Are you lookin for a competitive team or a community?

I am looking for more of a competitive squad that fits my style and game types that I can get into the rotation for the future of Halo

Hi im looking for a esports team recruiting or a competitive side for halo to where we win money text me if this is the right direction thanks

Heyo! I am part of an active halo community! We have gamers in halo 5 and mcc but mainly halo 5. We have leagues, tournaments, gamenights and more! We will be starting an 8 week long weekend of tournaments soon! If you would like more info or have questions, you can reach me on xbox or here. My gamertag is: xX NaughtyAngel - our Spartan Company is MG Eclipse if you want to check it out, we have room for people to join but it is not required. We are a laid back community for those who want to be! Hope to game soon! (40) MG Eclipse | Spartan Companies | Halo - Official Site (