Frank O'connor & Tsquared on MLG in July 2012

Back in July GameSpot employee and former Halo 2 & 3 pro Tsquared interviewed Frank Oconnor regarding Halo 4, E-sports and MLG.

(You could say Tsquared called it as early as July when he says if MLG don’t pick up Halo are you going to do your own tournaments?)

Tsquareds question, “Was MLG & E-Sports in mind when developing Halo 4”

Frank O’connors response, “Were definitely taking e-sports and competitive gaming seriously”

Tsquareds question, “If MLG doesn’t pick up a Halo tournament will you guys eventually maybe even run your own tournament ?”

Frank O’connors response, “Were definitely looking at doing our own stuff like that in a competitive…maybe a more ‘socially’ competitive space but were going to absolutely embrace the the competitive communities including MLG and make sure that they have good robust scaffolding to build their stuff on, because its that emergent community stuff. MLG’s one part of our community we have trickers and all sorts of community people that do different types of things in the game and so competitive is one aspect of that and its something that were going to embrace very seriously.”

And everybody thought t2 was a stupid noob. LOL

343 can still do there own thing and its not like MLG is the only competative tournament peeps int he world. -Yoink!- gameings the one whose really responsable for the tournament not being competative seeing as you would wnat to reach a larger crowd for a tournament so why not go a social route its like if you were selling food and -Yoink- would you take the path with less people or more people.

MLG will be missed but they will return in Halo 5 if we support them and stop MS from doing this again.

Watched the video

and lol’d @ 1:10 when he said the scatter-shot evaporated. Frankie boy needs to get that fixed!

Did anyone else read it in Franky’s voice?