Framerate in Big Team Infinity Slayer


After a dozen of awful games on certain maps where the framerate gets so incredibly bad to the point that I can hardly aim, I don’t see any other way but to sign out of Xbox live, each and every time that one of these maps is chosen. I’m sure this is not how you intended the game to be.

I’m talking about Exile, Vortex, Meltdown. The only 2 maps that seems to run smooth are Ragnarok and Longbow. Any other map, will just get me frustrated to the point that I start cursing due to me not being able to get out of situations or being able to make a kill, because the framerate makes the game run like a stutter machine.

This right here, kills the enjoyment for me. I can either suck it up and get a horrible game in one of those maps, or I can sign out/in so I can get a shot at a new map. Both a troublesome hassle.

I noticed it earlier but it wasn’t constant just when there was a lot of explosions going on

I have it at all times when I’m looking into the direction where the action is happening, it gets worse depending on how much is going on in my screen, but it’s always there.

Unless I turn around and stare at the back of the map, then it’s all smooth obviously, useful? Not really.