Framerate drops 40 fps after reentering open world from missions

So its as the title says, using current AMD drivers, after playing a campaign mission the frame rate tanks when coming back into the open world. Anyone else having this issue?

From what I’ve seen from others, the game isn’t optimized very well on PC. I myself have pretty decent specs, using only 5.20gb of vram, which is 20gb better than the ideal usage, and I have framerate issues when I’m pretty sure there shouldn’t be any. My personal issues aside, it’s a common thing people are dealing with so you’re not alone. I’d try launching the game with nothing else open, and/or lowering the resolution or other settings if you want to prioritize fps. Those things worked for me and I was able to get a consistent 120fps

what are your specs and settings? i have a ryzen 3800x with a rx 5700, and 16gb ram

My settings are a mix of medium (reflections, shadow quality, cloud quality, effects quality, decal quality, terrain quality, simulation quality, and flocking quality) and low (geometry quality, depth of field, volumetric fog quality, dynamic wind, and ground cover quality) with a few on high (anti-aliasing, texture filtering, ambient quality, texture quality, and lighting quality) im getting around 80+ avg frames with them dipping to 60-65 depending on surroundings and combat