Frame rate drop?

Hello everyone,

I’ve run into an issue recently that has me completely stumped. Since MCC has released on PC, I have been playing on a PC with an i5 processor and RX 580 GPU. This setup has yielded nothing but consistently smooth gameplay at 144 fps on all Halo titles. However, when I was playing MCC today, it will only run at an average of about 15 fps. This is across all Halo titles and is consistent whether I’m playing campaign, matchmaking, or custom games. As far as I can tell, all of my various drivers are up to date and I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling MCC but nothing has improved the frame rate. I did not at any time change my in game settings in MCC and even when I set all of the visual settings lower the frame issues persisted. Anyone have any ideas as to what could be causing this? I have tried other games on my PC that are newer and generally more rigorous on my machine but they play just as they always have so this is what leads me to believe that this could be a Halo MCC issue.