Frame rate drop from in game player chat

So far the game play has been pretty smooth except for the occasional lost connection from server. However their is one issue which I thought at first was lag, but I was able to find the constant which was in game chat. Every time another player speaks in game the frame rate drops. This happens before, during, and after game until players leave the room. One shouldn’t have to mute all players each game. I also wanted to see if anyone else is having this issue in hopes 343 will look into this.

I’ve been having the same issue trying to play warzone. I’ve been searching for days to find any more info on it.
until last night I’ve attributed it to regular lag but after running some tests on my network everything was working fine. I’m also able to play other games with no issue online.
love the game, just wish i could play it.

***i’ve been digging through a few of the other forum posts and finding other users reporting this as an unknown lag issue.

Same exact issue. Plus it won’t let me mute people at all so I just have to hope no one’s talking when I go into a match, or get banned for rage quitting.
Any word on a fix?