Frame rate, Bullet mag, map design etc.

I’m going to make this very short and simple - straight to the point.

1: Please make some proper BTB maps that aren’t forge maps. It’s clear the Xbox One cannot handle forge maps, the framerate is just horrible and unplayable.

2: Please reduce the amount and the range of bullet mag for all weapons, seriously I’m tired of getting 4’d in BTB across the map by a silver because it’s the easiest thing in the world to do. Let’s have some skill please.

3: Maps are too open, like way too open. You get shot from like 3 - 5 different angles at once in Arena. It makes solo queing impossible and overemphasises teamwork and comms to the point solo queing is just a no.

1: Agreed, we need real BTB maps

2: The BR does have good range, reducing it could make it a bit more even.

3: I don’t really agree here, I find the big problem with the Arena maps is after awhile, they just mesh in your head. Very few feel different enough, it doesn’t help all the maps are about the same size and a square or circle.