Frame rate BTB

Why has it become acceptable to not fix these issues? Over half the BTB maps I play have frame rate issues. When you’re playing a playlist that only offers forged maps and they continue to have bad frame rates something needs to change.

I never have frame rate issues in any playlist so im not sure whats happening to you :\

Then you obviously are trolling

The only map I notice it on after the BTB update is Eagle Square. They got rid of the bigger offenders like Antifreeze for example. There isn’t really much else they can do since Tom French said it would require some type of Forge overhaul or something. It was a good while ago so don’t remember exactly.

The only map that I ever had major issues on was Antifreeze, the others seem fine to me.

Personally I’ve never really noticed too many frame rate issues. Are you talking about the screen freezes that happen occasionally? That’s a totally separate issue.

If you’re talking about frames dipping below the standard rate, it’s likely an issue with your monitor or HDMI cable.

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> Then you obviously are trolling


I agree. I have significant frame-rate issues on BTB maps, but I experience these issues only when standing in certain spots on the map. For example: Trying to snipe from the top of your base on Dispelled is a frame-rate nightmare.

I agree to, i have problems with frame drops only in certain spots on the map

I noticed this too, OP. It’s always on the more open maps. I’m assuming it’s because the maps are Forged so there isn’t a lot of optimization to make sure there are no frame rate issues.

probably because of limited time and resources of the company.

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