Frame on series x

So I thought the frame rate for series x multiplayer was supposed to be quality mode 60, performance mode 120.

Obviously that isn’t the case but my question is did I have the wrong info from the start?

I’m getting a max of 120 FPS on my Series X on my 1440p monitor. The Quality/Performance toggle is ghosted out if “Allow 4K” is enabled in the Xbox video settings. That solved my problem.

Also, Quick Resume tends to drop the game back to a stuttery 45-60 FPS. Quit the game every time and start fresh.

I have enable 4k checked and the toggle works just fine. The game reports 120fps in performance mode but it doesn’t feel like 120.

Quality mode… That feels like it’s closer to 30 than 60 so I stick with performance.

On PC it’s a different story but the settings mess with Gsync/VRR because it runs in borderless instead of exclusive fullscreen. True dx12 doesn’t benefit performance wise from exclusive full screen but what exclusive fullscreen does do is make VRR work better.

With borderless window you need to create custom profiles and mess with settings that you usually don’t have to touch… Just put a fullscreen mode in. Forza horizon 5 has the same problem.

Ahhh, thanks for that tip. Xbox version felt a little too stuttery to be 120fps.

The 120 mode spends most time around 90/100ish it feels, still feels better than 60 mode if you have vrr.

They’ll dial it in, I have my PC with rx 6600 and i7 8700 running at a steady 140+ fps, and the series X has more power than that.