Frame drops/Stutters, Unstable latency fix

This is a pretty simple one but players may not be aware.

If you are experiencing frame drops or stutters in game or consistently getting matched on high ping servers 200 ping and getting unstable latency try this method (if you are on console)

-Highlight the Halo Infinite game tile in your library
-Press options
-Select Manage
-Clear all save data and reserved space (this will not delete your profile) it will fix corrupted in game files.
-Hard reset your console
-Re-open Halo Infinite and re-sync your latest cloud data

This shall fix your stutters or any progression glitches or bugs of items that you have purchased or unlocked that are not displaying in your inventory.

To fix consistent high ping and unstable latency errors:
-Go to network settings
-Select “Go offline”
-wait 10 to 15 seconds
-Select “Go online”
-Relaunch Halo Infinite

This will not prevent you from getting matched on servers around the globe, but it will fix the unstable latency errors which make game modes unplayable and will give you a better chance of finding local severs in your region.


Hmmm, I’ll give it a shot tomorrow.

I just want to play Solo/duo ranked without extreme latency destroying my hopes and dreams

Unfortunately, that won’t solve it. Ranked is full of people who use the hacky methods of regional server selection so they get the servers closest to them while screwing everyone else over.

Your only option is geofiltering, which will involve either one of two methods depending on the platform or connection.

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How does a player using a geo filter to ensure they connect to their local server (as they should do) screw other players over? Please enlighten me.

Also in what way do players using geo filter to connect to their local server cause high latency games for other players? Again, please enlighten me.

If you think players connecting to their local servers makes other local players connect to further away servers than that can only be a capacity issue, and if that’s the case then that’s the fault of 343i for implementing servers that are not fit for purpose and the same issue would exist with or without players using geo filter.


It essentially refreshes your connection to the Xbox live servers which would establish a new fresh connection.
In every instance I have done this it fixes the “unstable latency” in the top right corner when it exceeds 250 ping and then finds games in my region as a preferred search.

If someone is hacking the network, there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.
Your comment in no way whatsoever applies to the original post.

and as KONSPIRACY mentioned if someone is blocking foreign or distant server IP’s so they only connect to servers in their region it’s not cheating.
Why should overseas players be forced to play with 150+latency when they can play with 24 ping locally…

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I see my comment was heavily misinterpreted. I said hacky, as in a mediocre makeshift solution (google it), not hacking. I never said it was hacking or cheating, nor was I implying that. Also, it does have validity in regards to getting matched on high ping servers.

Geofiltering is basically telling the game that a player can’t connect to the servers that they have blacklisted. This leads to the game automatically picking the only server(s) that one player doesn’t have blacklisted.

The game prioritizes SBMM over connection distance, though that isn’t to say that it just ignores the latter entirely. It’s trying to connect players in as little time as possible while still sticking to its main prerogative, which is SBMM.

Let’s say we have 3 players that fit the game’s SBMM criteria, each from Iowa, Virginia, and Oregon respectively. If the Oregon player has geofiltering enabled to only connect to the western servers, then too bad for the other two players. They still have to connect to that server unless they’re geofiltering as well or can’t connect to that server for some other reason.

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Your last paragraph is not true unless they are in the same lobby as a team, and if the game selected a server that was not on the west coast then the player in Oregon simply wouldn’t connect to the game but his team mates would.

If they aren’t then in the same lobby as team, then your paragraph is incorrect even if it does sound plausible. A player forcing connection to his local server does not have any impact on another totally independent players connection to a server in terms of location or connection quality regardless of SBMM…the player population isn’t that bad yet that there wouldn’t be a suitable SBMM match for either of the players in Iowa or Virginia. I know your locations are just an example, but there are Halo Infinite servers in Chicago, Iowa and Washington DC so the likelyhood of either of those players connecting to the Los Angeles server due to SBMM is unlikely and certainly nothing to do with the player using geo filter in Oregon.

If you do think that is correct, then take the geo filter out of the equation…the end result would still be the same as one of those players would connect to their local server and the other two would have high ping connections.

I’ve said it on here before, but if every player did have and use geo filter then the game would run a lot smoother for everyone…or better still, the game should have region lock so all players connect to their local servers without having to use geo filter to minimise their disadvantage.

Hope that makes sense! :blush:


It’s like I said before, geofiltering screws other players over.

Yeah because all of these righteous people like yourself knew for a fact at the time that this was the case despite not knowing how geo filter works. It’s easy to claim that you were right now that 343i have openly admitted they are using a completely backwards matchmaking system which can be influenced so badly by a single person using a geo filter. It’s actually even more pathetic than the initial baseless claims…that just so happen to be correct.

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To be honest, it wasn’t to hard to figure out. On MCC the matchmaking system already worked in this way as long as people didn’t deselect servers (something that is absent in infinite). Combine that with people finding more and more high ping matches after more others were geo filtering and combine that with 343’s statement that geo filtering was causing that and it was not a strange conclusion to make.

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Well I disagree and plenty of others will quite rightly do so too. Geo filters are used by millions of players around the world on multiple platforms on multiple games and as far as I know, not once has any other game developer called out a faction of their player base as “bad actors” and open to accusations of cheating.

Their initial comments were inflammatory and intentionally vague at best, so if you think a portion of the player base that has used these methods for years without question is going to listen to or believe those unfounded comments from people with a history of being deceitful and telling lies then you’re sadly mistaken.

What I do find strange is people that are still blindly defending 343i. It’s really quite bizarre tbh.

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