Frags and Stickies

Not considering the “outlier” grenades (Spike, Incendiary, Pulse, and Splinter), what version of the frag and plasma grenades would you want 343 to use for Infinite? This is assuming they just used specific versions from previous Halo games with the same balance.

Personally, I’d choose HCE or H2A frags, and H3 stickies.

We may end up with a new/altered Grenade like we get with most mainline Halos. It won’t surprise me if we just keep it old school with the plasma and frag.

(I want the flame grenade back haha)

I would probably go with Halo Combat Evolved frag grenades & Halo 3 plasma grenades, but like written above, likely Infinite will be have it’s own style of grenades for optimal balancing, at least as good as possible balancing. It depends much on mechanics of the game itself.

Don’t care, as long as stickies are a one-hit kill on OS users. So dumb that wasn’t the case in Halo 5.

I’d like to see a plasma nade (same goes for the Needler) with a delayed detonation timer mode, just for campaign. The faster nade timer is perfectly suited for mp, but has the drawback of not giving enemy AI enough time to react in sp. This feature is what made Halo CE AI the most realistic; they didn’t just run around screaming or berserk, Elites and Grunts would occasionally attempt to get the projectiles off of them while Jackals would flail around panicking as if their lives depended on it. Plus, in newer Halo games, most AI will just stand there facing their impending death with fearlessness or in the case of Elites/Brutes, will run up to you in a kamikaze rush (without the berserk). I also think these alternate modes would be very well suited for the more savage Covenant remnant forces, who’d probably enjoy toying with the lives of their enemies.

As for frags, they should be considerably less bouncy (at least when I’m looking straight down and trying to plant it at my foot).

My favorite thing to do with the Promethean nade was stunning Knights with the impact, maybe they could build on this.

At least a normal frag grenade and plasma nade that are good enough to do nadejumps with.

The flame, spike, cluster nades i don’t care about.

The Frag and Plasma wont go anywhere. They’re the bread and butter of Halo now.
We’ll probably get some variation of a Promethean grenade. Maybe a Created one with seeking projectiles?

I think when ever you increase the inventory over 2 grenade type weapons (H3, H4) it can get confusing and you end up throwing the wrong. That being said I would like to see the return of brute spike grenades and not throw out the Promethean grenades (they were the only interesting weapon in the Promethean weapons pool).

I wouldn’t mind being able to add in other deployable weapon systems. Maybe have a UNSC Claymore that can take the place of grenades (so you can start with 4 frags and 2 claymors) or maybe have the covenant get a mine that does up a needle bomb that sends homing needler shards everywhere. Of course you would have to give them about a 90 second timer so that players can’t just cover the map with mines.