Frag grenades…bruh

Ya, grenades are very strong in this game. I can’t think of a Halo game where they feel stronger, actually. I think that part of the issue is no team killing/friendly fire. 343i clearly know that this is an issue and have turned that on for Ranked. We should also only start with 1. That’s just my 2-cents.

If someone has a grapple and you don’t. It’s unfair. If the thrusters we’re permeant everyone will always have a change against others with equipment

I’m talking about a thruster were you can drop it for other equipment. Basically you just start off with the trhsuter is what I’m saying

I can dodge grenades just fine without the thruster however there are times when all 8 people are in the same spot and nades are flying everywhere. At some point it becomes about who can throw more rather than who has skill

I literally played Halo for over 15 years and I advocate for classic over infnite. I think the thruster pack is an improvement on gameplay even if I like classic

One thing which I notice no one talk about regarding grenades is that there is no throw cooldown compared to slower Halos like H1/2/3/Reach

You can lob your entire stash of grenades faster in this game than other Halos. Unsure if this is a balance decision or not, I think a slight increase in delay between grenades could help curb the grenade spam.

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That would be soooooo annoying if I couldn’t throw my other nade because of a delay. I don’t think that’s the fix.

The radius could be reduced if anything

??? So your suggestion is to start everyone with permanent Thrusters from the start?
Then why ever pick up any equipment ever again if your Thrusters are permanent from the start? You’re just giving up mobility for niche use equipment.

Also what a fat lie.
You say you advocate classic, but instead of advocating for things like strafe momentum, BR starts, button combos etc, all I see you do is beg for Halo 5’s implementations. Dude. Just go and play Halo 5 and leave Infinite alone. You will never be satisfied with this game.

Welcome to Halo. You down 2 or 3 shots in a gunfight? Well lets pull a rabbit out of our hats and use grenades! You pushing 2 or 3 enemy players? Cool. Just use a grenade or two and you’ll get a double/triple kill.

The grenade spam arguably reduces the skillgap massively. I suspect they’ll make it so you only spawn with 1 at some point in this game.

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The grapple and repulsor are really useful. I would drop the thruster for them esspically since the thruster is nerfed.

Halo 5 had button comobs but you won’t admit that

Br starts? The br is easier to use. People already tried br starts in halo 5. Everyone always preferred the magnum

I’ve been complaining about no momentum since day one. Sooooooo

I have many replies and many posts already. I would suggest you look through my earlier posts explains why momentum based movement should come back. Same with the momentum on the thruster.

Also no collison. HUGE factor. Idk how anyone can call this close to any Halo if it doesn’t have collision

You will give up perma Thruster for limited Grapple and Repulsor? Big doubt.
Unless you’re gonna tell me you magically get your perma thrusters back after the equipment is used up, then I’ll say you clearly have no idea what game balance is.

Again you cite Halo 5. People want Halo 2 BRs.

Also everyone has been complaining about no collision.

Infinite is the closest thing to Halo in so long but you want to add advanced movement like thrusters back to the core gameplay loop. That’s just ridiculous. Thrusters do not provide an addition to the traditional Halo combat loop other than a quick mobility tool to melee or escape. The game can function well without it, but having it will cause projectile weapons to become weaker by a significant amount.

You say Thruster is nerfed, so why not just strafe or sprint out of the grenade’s way? Where’s your excuse for adding Thrusters to gameplay now?

And yes, so what if Halo 5 had Button combos. Most of them were exploits which were patched out eventually or altered the gameplay to the point it can be hardly even called a Halo game.
One example was the slide one which straight up let you fly out of anywhere you want. As if that was even a thing in any prior Halo game to allow such extreme momentum without the aid of pick ups or carefully planned explosives.

Maybe you don’t think so because H5’s AA and Bullet Mag was so aggressive, but if such a thing existed in Infinite, it will be patched out instantly because no one would be able to track and kill someone doing such a thing.

That’s a good point that I have not thought about. It obviously has some impact. I feel like most of the time I am getting double naded and that there’s nothing I can really do about that.

You might need to adjust your aim.

They’re so inconsistent and ever present. I think everyone gave up on trying to learn how to shoot and just throws grenades and punches lol. I mean it’s whatever on one hand cause people are easier to kill if they’re just spamming grenade and melee and not even attempting to fire back. On the other hand when a whole team spams grenades down a hallway or something there’s just no reaction to be made. Just sit there and die. This becomes problematic when you’re doing good because every time someone dies they spawn with two more nades. The more you kill them the more nades they have. :crazy_face: