Frag grenades…bruh

I am getting absolutely destroyed by frag grenades and can get maybe 1-3 frag grenade kills every game if I try hard- maybe

I cannot get a handle on these frag grenades, even when they fall next to someones foot all the do is pop shields but I have been killed dozens of times from full health with one grenade across the room from me. What?

The amount of times the grenade either does nothing or bounces 15 feet past the person im trying to kill is ridiculous

Its like my spartan is picking grenades up and putting them in his mouth

What am I missing here, I play max fov and my internet connection is good because the gunplay is fine. What. Is. Happening.

Frag grenades specifically are eating away at the melee and gunplay on HI, its not balanced at all.


Sounds like you need to learn how to use grenades. They are for finishing or starting fights - taking away shields for a headshot or finishing someone who has no shields.

If you are throwing grenades so they land 15 feet past people you need to adjust. If you are being 1 shotted by them you need to not stand on top of them.

Like I said earlier, im getting one shotted with grenades from across the room- its not my fault the frag grenades in this game are the bounciest in any halo game

The frags in Halo 3 never landed 15 feet past someone I was aiming at, ever

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Grenades do jack on their own, but they are particularly lethal at flushing out people who duck behind cover to recharge their shields.

Grenades exploding near or right next to you will do enough damage to drain shields completely and take off some health. Then you have to factor in Bleedthrough. If your shields are at 30% and a grenade pops next to you, you will die.

Frags in this game have more bounce to them, it’s true, so get to practicing those throws. The Frags in Infinite are by far the most fun to use because it doubles down on the use of them to either area damage or force enemies out of cover. The bounce helps you achieve that by trickshotting it off walls behind their cover or around corners.

Go into Practice Academy and test grenade bounces to get used to it.

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You have to bounce the grenades off the floor a good 10 feet or so in front of them if you want it to land in front of their feet. If they are moving toward you, you need to basically throw it at your own feet and back out of the fight to ensure it detonates by the time they get to your position. I agree they are very bouncy in this game, but you have to adjust your throws to it. I doubt this is something that will be changed because they high rank players have already adjusted their game to it.

They only thing I can really say to help you is practice, practice, practice, and you will be nading your enemies and turning the tides in your 1v1s in no time.

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Having a thruster pack in halo 5 helped this issue a lot but … You know

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Just go back to Halo 5 and stop posting ffs.

Imagine being this petty

You should play Halo 5 then bud

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I’m correct tho. The thruster pack alleviated this problem.

Theres a thruster pack in Halo Infinite, I use it all the time

The thruster pack is litterally in halo of infnite and I get away from grenades easier because of it when I pick it up. Sooooooooo


Why arent you playing Halo 5?

I don’t even have an Xbox.

You’re just using anything as an excuse to whine about Infinite not being Halo 5 at this point.
It’s getting real old.

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Oh thank god, now I can mute you

I appreciate the advice

Nope. I’m literally advocating for permeant thrusters.

That’s not asking for Halo 5 because Halo 5 had far more ablities than the thruster

The thruster would give players a chance to fight against other people with equipment.

The thruster would help the grenade situation.

It’s also fun and takes skill to use it the best.

Lmao. I reply to here on all forums so your ganna be confused once a long post comes about.

IDC how annoying someone is. I won’t mute them here because it’s pointless

No problem sir. I’d suggest hopping into training mode and do a sort of “target practice” with the frags. Find yourself a landmark on the map, like a rock in Behemoth, or a room in Streets, and just try to bounce grenades off the floor in front of you trying to get them to land on or near your chosen target. Once you get a feel for how far they bounce when hitting the floor at various distances in front of you, add in a few recruit bots and turn off deaths so you can practice on moving targets. It definitely takes some getting used to, but with some practice you can get really skilled with them. Also practice “bank shots” throwing them at walls to hit static targets. Practice bouncing them off walls or objects to get them into doorways.

It’s important to remember the fuse doesn’t start until the grenade bounces off of something, so throwing them directly at enemies won’t do much. This is why the bank shots are so important. If someone is chasing you around a corner, look over and bounce one off the wall at a low angle, and watch them run right into it as it blows up. One headshot later and they’re done for.


How does giving people thrusters fight other players with equipment?
If everyone has thrusters, thenwouldn’t the one with equipment now has thrusters + their equipment.

So won’t they be in even more of an advantage because now instead of being limited to one cooldown, they can use their equipment + thrust for mobility afterwards. Stagger this with certain other equipment and you will have an even harder time killing the one with equipment.

Just learn how to position and how to use grenades.

So much for an “old school” Halo player, not knowing that positioning, grenade placement and prediction, gunplay and even rush tactics are the core staple of Halo. Honestly the more you post, the more it seems you never touched any Halo beyond Halo 5.