Has anyone read the new Fractures book yet? If so, is it any good and how does it stack up against other great ones like Fall of Reach, Ghosts of Onyx and Glasslands?

Doesn’t stack up with the great ones you mentioned, but then of course it’s hard to compare a collection of short stories to more focused books.

As far as being any good, I’d say the collection has its good (and very good) stories and its bland stories. Overall, if you’re wanting to consume as much Halo story as possible I’d say it’s worth getting and an enjoyable read. If you’ve only a passing interest in the overall Halo canon and just want a good book… I probably wouldn’t readily recommend buying it.

I feel myself fooled.
Everyone heres like: Wohho Mythos fractures,and what did I get this year?
The last issue of Escalation.
Well atleast the local seller has promised me to organise an exemplar of mythos for me,so in one month Iam again on the high of the lore.

it is an amazing book and i still have not finished it yet

Let me tell you girl dude and or guy dude, this book is some good stuff.

Sorry to bring this post back from a few days ago but I’m really deep in the threads at work rn lol

I haven’t gotten Fractures yet but I’ve been kicking it around because I loved Mythos so much. So far it doesn’t look so bad!

Been reading Fractures since I got it last week. Some of the stories are pretty damn good, Oasis springs to mind here, but others like Rossbach’s World leave me unimpressed and wondering if there was even an editor for that one.

So is Fractures basically another “Halo Evolutions”?

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> So is Fractures basically another “Halo Evolutions”?

Yes, though it’s stories are not quite on the same level as the Evolutions stories.