Fractures Event Progression Feedback

I have been loving the Tenrai event tied to Fiesta mode and new armor core and had some feedback ideas for this event and future events.

  1. Event challenges should have a separate challenge list that can always be worked toward. Grinding through both general challenges and event challenges makes the gameplay experience less fun. My daily responsibilities make it too difficult to grind the event on a given week.

I’m fine with only seven levels a week but mixing them in with general weekly challenges is not a realistic pace to set for my weekly play time.

  1. Allow me to buy the event like a battle pass for, say, 500 credits. I prefer the Tenrai items to the Season 1 battle pass items and would like the same opportunity to get them at the same guarantees and personal pace. Maybe offer a mini-battle pass at the end of the event so that it can still be worked towards if people really don’t want to lose it.