Fractured Tenrai Event

Think I have an issue here. I took pictures as well. I need support. I think that I’m suppose to get 10 challenges per week right? Because it happens over three weeks. Well I’m at the end of week 1 and I only got 7 challenges this whole week. Wouldn’t 10 make more sense. Does this mean I wont get to finish the event? My friend got 10? My brother in law got 6. What is up with this? Are there more people having this issue?

How can I open a support ticket. I couldn’t find it at the bottom of any KBA pages. Is twitter my only option for getting help?

This is intentional. Everyone only got 7 challenges. There are a million threads about this already. I’m not blaming you though, as 343i should have included a more clear explanation of this both in-game and in their social media posts.

Yeah 343 really could have helped everyone by just saying “In week one you’ll have the opportunity to reach level 7”.

And yes, 30 levels and 3 weeks, how the hell did they not just work it out as 10 levels per week?

I’m guessing though that this means unless you hit the maximum rank during each week there is no way you can ever attain level 30? That seems sucky to me. There are lots of reasons why someone might not be able to play Halo for a specific week, why punish them?

OMG, so my brother in law and buddies were clowning me? My god man I was sitting here looking hard for answers. I didn’t see any threads on it. I will have to look harder lmfao. Man I feel like a grade a clown now.

No worries, many of the threads already got pushed off the front page I guess because it was a discovery many people made on the first day as they tried to grind out the event.

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100 percent agree. I get maybe an hour a day. I have been working 16hrs a day five days a week just about since lock down ended. I have a few days off and thought I might just start getting through the pass. Its so slow, I dunno if I will even make it through the pass I paid for. Considering some of the challenges where you have to win a specific game type. This system seems very flawed and I’m not a fan of it.

The Tenrai event will occur on six different weeks. Assuming that there are always 7 challenges each event week, that means you could skip/miss 12 of the challenges and still complete the event battle pass.

6 weeks? I only saw 3 advertised?

This is the first of six total appearances Fracture: Tenrai will make over the course of Season 1, with its next appearance coming in January 2022.

Apparently, I’m not allowed to include links in my post. The above quote comes from Halo Waypoint (this site) / news / fracture-tenrai-event-launch

Some of their social media posts included the specific dates. Let me see if I can find it

Thanks, please don’t go to any trouble trying to find the dates for me, it’s a very generous offer but I should look it up myself rather than relying on you spending your time doing it for me.

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as one of the replies said fractures tenari has more then 3 weeks no the waypoint app when you look at the event pass it has more weeks showing dont know why they didnt have more of the weeks iii the game to display but hey its more then 3

Don’t know why in game it only lists 3 sets of dates if there are 6. I can’t have been the only person that tripped up on that one… I hope.