Fracture: Tenrai event

I get this isn’t suppose to be done in one go, but I’m only rank 7 and am done with all the challenges, working on my weekly ultimate now, the way this was presented to us was the battle pass and event both level up together, but from what I’m seeing you only get credit for completing an event challenge, which is kinda busted when you throw in non event challenges, I’ve been grinding since I got home from work and now I can’t progress cause of this limitation

For January you guys got to make ever challenge count towards the fracture event


These “free” events are nothing more than reasons to bloat the store with related premium currency items, it’s pretty disappointing that there is more variety in the store than in the event pass.

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Agreed. I just finished 2 Fracture: Tenrai challenges, and zero took their place. Nothing but regular challenges (I hit rank 100 before NYE and I mostly just do weekly challenges for fun) and I literally used up ALL my remaining challenge swap icons to try and get more Tenrai challenges and never got a single one. Now I have zero reason to play and will not be able to get the 10 challenges needed to max out the event. Fix it!

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In order to get more Tenrai challenges, you have to complete normal challenges. Challenge swaps are there only to swap out the specific challenges, not to swap out a regular challenge for an event one.

Each week of the Tenrai event is capped at a certain number of challenges. There are 6 weeks and 30 event levels. It think there are a total of 45ish event challenges. If you are unable to play for a week or two, you can still get all the cosmetics for the Tenrai event.

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Wish I would have known that
Now I will burn through regular and that accumulates towards the 15 weekly total
Makes it very unlikely I will complete 10 challenges before it’s over


What level are you in the Tenrai pass? You should have plenty of time to complete it when it drops again in the upcoming weeks:

  • Week 3 - February 4, 2022 to February 7, 2022
  • Week 4 - February 22, 2022 to March 2, 2022
  • Week 5 - March 19, 2022 to April 5, 2022
  • Week 6 - April 19, 2022 to April 26, 2022

OH there are more weeks? whew! Level 20 right now. I thought this was the final week. :slight_smile:

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Some weeks have more challenges as well. I believe week 1 had 7, week 2 had 10 and week 3 has 10.

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If people did more research than complaining, a lot of these issues wouldn’t be issues. 1st world problems are hard eh?

Hey, I never noticed that swapping out challenges didn’t replace them with event specific challenges, and I could swear I’ve done that very thing before. Hence my confusion. “research” isn’t always available, you know?

Really? Yes there’s plenty of premium content related to the Tenrai events, but there are lots of really good items in the free pass itself. The best helmet of the four, a couple of very good looking sets of shoulder pieces, a couple of utility items, some decent looking weapon skins. You don’t have to spend a dime and you can create a very good looking samurai spartan with just the 30 unlocks. Sure, the premium bundles can enhance that (the free armor coatings are fairly basic, you do have to spend a few bucks to get some of the really good looking coatings) but I think they’ve given people some really solid customization without having to spend any money with this event.

You’re replying to a comment that was made before they changed the contents of the free event pass.

Ah, I didn’t even notice the time stamp. Excuse my obliviousness.

Which 343 is screwing up this week aka the score 3 flags in ranked bs, I’m the same i grind out challenges which keeps me coming back every week, something about grinding for the ultimate reward does something for me, but objective based ultimate challenges as bs, especially when the matches in these playlist (ranked and quickplay) are random to begin with

If that was a thing they cut it out now, cause i swapped a few regular challenges to see if it would give me and event one, i think i did 10 and nope so i wasted swaps to test that theory out

This event needs to come back it is ridiculous that 343 expected us to be able too free our schedules to participate in this limited-time even rerelease this event as many players havent been fortunate enough to have the freedom or the opportunity to have participate in ever tenrai event whybwouldnt you just relewse the ability to unlock rewards from 1 - 30 and give your early players acess to unlocking every single piece of armor throughout the event within the first or second week of them playing during the release of halo infinite i think it is quite abusrd that you expected us to play during a specific time frame everyone of our lifes are extremely complicated and circumstances arise which prevent you from participating in a event which is only accessible during a specific time frame for intance these issues are a prime examples: Economic crisis risking of losing your home or property due to these circumstances, unfortunate events like a death in the family or illness or disease… covid related issues, personal problems inregards to children or spouses or anyother situation which would require your full attention and also would require you to out everything else to the side to focus on things in life that are much more important then a game or an event that is only available during a certain time frame… or finding employment so you can help your loved ones financially, crippling depression preventing you from even being interested in playing a video game for months at a time…

All of these virables or circumstances could have occurred and prevented individuals from participating in the event there are several other thousands possible scenarios that would cause our community memebrs from participating and i dont think its fair that they may never have the opportunity to full unlock theirnset of armor because of these situations and or horrific ordeals that could potentially cause someone from being able to obtain their equipment obtain level 30 rewards via through frature tenrai event because of an oversight that 343 hasnt taken into consideration or hasn’t thought of causing others problems especially in the middle of a pandemic which is most absurd…

Out of all of these possible situations which would’ve prevent a majority of your community members from having the freedom to spend every day of every week of every month grinding halo: infinite or participating in the event due to them being focused on picking up the pieces of what is left of their lifes and it isnt fair to us who have responsibilities that must be taken care of before we get to enjoy or even worry about small things in life like participating in a videogame event… which couldve been prevented if you just released the ability to unlock and grind the full set of armor from 1-30 within the first two - three weeks of halo: infinites release i know i wouldve had the opportunity to unlock it if i didnt have to wait untill week 5 & week 6 to release and ots unfortunate that your community doesnt mean more to you as whole to take these variables into consideration 343 industries…

It will be coming back eventually.
After all, there were cosmetics that were never featured in the Event Pass or the shop that you can only now see now that the Season has ended.

Not to mention if they add in the Bushido, Shinobi, and Hayabusa armor set pieces to Halo Infinite; this would be the ideal Armor Core to apply them to.

It makes no sense to have an event to give us an Armor Core with almost nothing compared to the main armor cores. It makes more sense to have more cosmetics later on down the line. I can see an Season down the line where they have two Fractures Events in the Season - One New and One Returning but with new stuff and then alternating every other week within the Season.