Fracture: Tenrai Event Suggestions

I recently discovered that week 2 of the fractured event is capped out at only 10 levels of progression. And to my dismay, I’ve already completed my 10 levels only squeaking out to level 14 this week, with 2 days left to go, and the Kabuto Helmet is just tantalizing me. Just one measly level. Now I have to wait till February 7th to get this helmet. And it made me a little disenfranchised to this whole event, wanting to log-on every evening after work, and try to grind it out to unlock all of this beautiful free content.

Now I understand that by design, the Fracture: Tenrai Event isn’t supposed to be completely unlocked in one week. Rather an accumulative of all three weeks. But I almost feel punished for not being able to really grind out the first week of the event back in late November, due to work and the holidays, because I came prepared this time due to the drive of wanting that sweet Helmet, at level 15. Even shilled out money for extra armor coatings and visors to have more customization. Imagine the disappointment of lost money because you didn’t read up on the event and thought I was able to progress towards what I want with all of this time left. And if this trend continues, that means that I won’t be able to unlock (in my humble opinion) the coolest helmet that is offered in this event, the Yokai Helmet in week 3 this coming February. Why even bother to grind this event out anymore and hop on for that ultimate goal? I’m already hard capped out of these items anyhow.

So I pose a solution: A Simple Level Cap. This week’s level cap could’ve been to lvl 20 only, and week 3’s level cap can be the full 30 levels for this event. Instead of our allotted portions of 10 levels per week. This gives people who want these items that wasn’t able to grind the previous weeks out, a chance to catch up. if I was still a teen in high school with no agency, I probably wouldn’t care about this current progression system, but I, and many others who play this game, aren’t really able to put in the time due to many circumstances. This will give everyone an opportunity to plan out a way to participate in these events. This simple fix would improve the overall experience tenfold. Imagine enfranchised players hopping on to put in the work of catching up their event passes, and having fun doing so. Instead of having to stare at the one item they tried to reach for, only one level away, not being able to obtain it due to not having completed enough challenges during the last event week. Seeing that there’s two more days left, but unable to roll any more event challenges because their serving of progression was already given out. It’s honestly sad. Me, now a fully grown, enfranchised man, feeling bitter because I couldn’t get my samurai helmet due to a 10 level cap. Instead of only being able to progress up to level 20.

What I’m trying to say, 343 (if this even gets read by any person, yet alone an actual 343 employee) is that, as much as I’d love to play your game non-stop. I also have to keep the lights on, so I’m not able to grind it out every day like I used to. This would truly be a win on all sides.

Thank you all for your time!

P.S. Please add model collision for enemy players. It feels so bad phasing through the person you’re trying to defeat and subsequently dying because of it.


Would like to follow up and say that making it feel like an actual event would be much welcomed. Throwing the word event in there when it’s literally just Fiesta feels cheap and unrewarding. Just a way to get more people involved with a game mode in that way feels tedious. Why not make melees with samurai swords, or make it Japanese-themed. This “event” just seems like a way to keep people grinding for armor pieces.


I fully agree. I’ve been playing this game as much as possible but I have a demanding job and a family. I’m very disappointed to learn I can’t get the Yokai helmet in the final event. My last tenrai challenge for the 3rd ‘season’ will only get me to the camp right before the helmet. I’m deciding not to finish because I’d rather progress further in the campaign now or another game instead of waste my time in the event.

The event is definitely fun, but this timed, among other limits, event is what keeps me from playing destiny, fortnite and other games that force you to play or not obtain items that you even paid for already.

I will say I’m thrilled that I can continue my progression in regular season battle passes as long as I own them. That is miles ahead of fortnite, COD, etc.