Fracture event is EXTREMELY disappointing

I mean its going to take longer than a week to fix bruh, pretty obviously.

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with the trailer i was expecting swords only or something in big team…fiesta of all things and challenges for fiesta

I’m slowly losing my love for halo being forced to play this


I can wait for the changes, but the 343i team needs to speak up on the topic now and tell us how they’re going to fix it.

Because giving us a piddly 50xp per match and a free visor colour is not a response, it’s a bandaid to silence the crowd.

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This week is a holiday one however, they probably won’t address it till the first week of December.

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Here’s hoping that this is the case.

Waiting for CQB in the game, it was in the first promocional of the multiplayer, where is it?

Same with Yoroi armor, first one to show from factures and now nowhere to be seen.

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Don’t for get, you get ONE challenge a week. That means only 1 level up a week and this event is only a week. Impossible to get this free battle pass done by the time the event is over. Fùck this MP. Bring back the MCC style progression damn it!!

Nice… most of the armor they have been showing off in the ads can’t even be earned from the event and is only available through the store for big $$$.

Seems like quite a bait and switch.

Should have guessed it would be something like this seeing how the rest of the armor customization has gone.


This. I really hope they listen and change it.


The “one flag” map where one team spawns with all the vehicles and the others get nothing shows how little they care to balance this event. Are you -Yoink!- joking? Half the map gets tanks the other doesn’t, and that’s balanced?


I don’t understand how they can only give out 7 challenges. If they give you 7 each time the even is active that’s only 21/30 challenges we’ll be able to complete.

This game is anti-grind and I hate it.


IDK, I popped two 2xp’s that I got from the BP and made 4 levels easy.

At least in concept, if overlapping BP with events or at least the main weekly challenge, plus some more challenges afterwards. I think it’ll balance out.

My only thing is that things are sorta thin because it’s the start…

I was only given two challenges to complete and never got any more event ones. idk if this is a glitch. i’m maxed at lvl 2 event pass.

I veeerrrryyy much dislike the fact that 343 is thinning out the cosmetics by separating the shoulder pads to two separate tiers, and adding 16 Double XP and Challenge Swaps into the 30 Tier Fracture Pass. And then add cool cosmetics like the sword in the Shop for 15 BUCKS. Halo Infinite is so fun and has a lot of momentum going for it right now, but honestly this game unfortunately will fail if it keeps this up.


Everything about Halo Infinite is disappointing, I can’t even play PvP becuase my shoots don’t register, I don’t have lag, I can’t play any single match without issues, I have no issues with other games.


Im fed enough with this free to play, BP stuffs. i don’t even have the motivation to join this event.

i stopped playing this game. i might not even buy the campaign…

i’d rather get $dollars up front instead of this free to play BP bs.


Hayabusa? Achilles? MCC season 8? ORION?

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I can not believe THIS is their idea of an “event.” This is the same freaking crap they have done since Halo 4… rotating random playlists for a week every once in a while. And now it’s tied to a completely separate Battle Pass that comes back three different times…? ughhh

wtf is wrong with 343? are they even monitoring the forums or any of the feedback?
I’m getting some serious flashbacks to RDR2’s multiplayer launch…


As much as I agree with basically everything said, we need to keep in mind that this is still technically a beta. What better way to beta test a game than to have players participate in a variety of match types? This includes fiesta which allows 343 to evaluate almost every weapon in the game.

I get the frustration and I’m right there with everyone else who has a bad feeling about how things are progressing.

All I can say, is hopefully this is all still being evaluated and things will improve once December 8th rolls around. I can tell you that if things don’t improve, drastically, I’ll play the campaign and then move on to something else.

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From what I understand the event is gonna come back at least 5 times. That’s legit the only way you’d be able to get everything in the pass, seeing as it doesn’t actually seem possible to buy tiers for the event.

Not sure why they arbitrarily limit like this, although it’s probably just a lame way to get people to log back in every month. Kinda silly tbh.

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