Fracture event is EXTREMELY disappointing

You can only level up ~7 times in the Fracture pass each time it comes out… so much for grinding through the pass. Not to mention half of the Yoroi core items are locked behind the item shop LOL.
I feel like the ball is being seriously dropped with customization. Day after day I find myself hating it even more. I am getting impatient for changes to be made.


Not only that, but it appears that fiesta is no longer going to be a core playlist but rather an event one.


Their solution to player feedback regarding lack of free customization was to add the bare minimum of free customization in the event pass & throw everything else in the shop

That’s if you can even get anywhere with the event battle pass in the duration it lasts.


Not even mad. Those armors have no place in halo anyway.


I’m not even mad at this point, just sat here disappointed lol

I have two options, either a grind a tediously implemented challenge system to level up the battle pass or pay money

I miss getting EOD for beating Halo 3 on legendary, you’ll probably have to buy EOD in Infinite


Honestly, I expected some store items to tie in with the event. That doesn’t surprise me.

What does surprise me is that the helmet, or at least the attachments, and chest piece with the pouches most commonly shown off in promotional materials for it aren’t even in the rewards for the battle pass. Which leads me to believe you’ll have to buy them in the store.

Sure, you can say they never explicitly said those would be the specific rewards but they definitely implied it and they’re very aware that they implied it. Pulling this bait and switch move just feels so sleazy, underhanded, and manipulative.


Anyone know why the main helmet for the yoroi core doesn’t show the brow attachment that is advertised??


And you don’t even get the armour they advertise, you get a imo significant worse set

I can’t say with 100% certainly, but all signs point to having to buy that attachment in the store at some point

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that is scuffed as hell

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Yup, they don’t even give you the samurai looking attachment for the samurai themed armour for free


I am getting impatient for changes to be made. Blockquote

I’m gonna go ahead and say “dude, chill.” If you honestly thought that a week of forum complains were going to make them overhaul weeks and weeks of work at the last minute to radically change an event days/hours before going live, you might be crazy.


Extremely disappointing. They just can’t let free players have much of anything, so much cool stuff from the event is going into the store, and at ridiculous prices, $20 for armor, $15 for a daisho sword set, $7 for a color. I can buy a whole game for less money during the current Xbox Black Friday sale, and you expect us to pay $20 for armor and $7 for a color? I’m sorry, but the pricing in this game is predatory and you know it 343/MS. And the worst thing is we can’t even unlock most of the free stuff this event, we have to wait for the event to be re-ran 5 times to unlock everything I believe.

343 lied, Infinite’s playerbase died.


Is that an IT movie quote?

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If I have to pay for EOD in this game, that will be my cue to move onto an other game.


That’s how I feel about the Reach Mark V.
Love that thing like you wouldn’t believe. I would post a picture of my in game armor recreated from Halo Reach action figures if I could. It’s all I want, well that and Carters back pack to return. I like packs and pouches.


That’s fair. But for the amount of people complaining about it, it should be a top priority issue IMO. They haven’t even said anything regarding possible changes yet.


But for the amount of people complaining about it, it should be a top priority issue IMO. They haven’t even said anything regarding possible changes yet.

It could very well be at the top of their priority list when looking at all the feedback they’ve gotten, but it could still take literal weeks before they have something they can communicate to the players. Someone in community has to collect feedback, get into a meeting with the stakeholders to present it, have everyone pitch solutions, decide what feedback to take action on, and then create a roadmap for when players will see it.

And even when all that is done, the odds of them changing the existing battle pass or the existing event? It seems like that ship has sailed, but I don’t know how malleable the event system is. If I had to guess, the events that currently exist aren’t going to change. Maybe they’ll toss us a bone with a new event during season 1 between Fractures that drops a dozen or so freebies our way.

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I was waiting for this event to see if 343 had listened to the community these days, they haven’t. my confidence is 0 right now.

I hope an apology, in just 2 weeks of BETA they have already failed miserably, the event has been a hoax, they “give away” ONE piece and put 10 on sale. Asking as a whole the price of a full AAA.

This is a real shame. Give them this week, if I’m not out of Halo. I do not like to feel that they take advantage of me or that they disrespect me.

What a disappointment!

This is the clear example of how to throw away all the good work in the game for a bad anti-user policy. I thought Microsoft had learned. They have lied to us.