Fracture: Entrenched Tanker Jacket Regular price $117,343.00!

All of the vast available cosmetics/loot in “New Light” isn’t enough to offset the miniscule amount of content available to true F2P players my guy.

The “complete game” is going to cost you $124.97 before tax, or vastly more if you truly want to get all the cosmetics the game has to offer.

Since official release: Campaign, 2 fracture events, Interference, Alpha pack, Tactical Ops, Cyber Showdown, Winter Contingency, HCS Spotlight and Twitch Rewards (20th anniversary if we count the month long beta period) alongside maps and game modes.

Why do you ask?

All of this doesn’t address the point I brought up though. Doesn’t really challenge offering irl “rewards” for in game actions.

2 things here,

1, You attempted to say the little amount, really?

At the end of the first year Destiny 2 had triple the amount content, meaning destinations, activities, etc… So what nonsense are you trying to pass off here?

Anyone can look it up to know you are lying, so why bother lying???

2, you attempted to use a true F2P game when both Destiny/Infinite are not to try to justify how barebone infinite actually is vs Destiny. Hell for any AAA game out to date for that matter that infinite doesn’t even come close to any game in content, “my guy”.

I have a cousin who just started playing “New Light” and I found out first hand it’s actually staggeringly difficult to play alongside F2P players as a “premium” player myself given the barriers in place to prevent F2P players from getting even basic access to core gameplay elements.

Paul Tassi just put out a video 2 days ago talking about what a shaft “New Light” is to exclusively F2P players my guy.

It’s easy to call “nonsense” when you’re not in the loop. Hop on D2 as an exclusively F2P player, then get back to me about how generous it is. I’ll wait.

D2 is not a true F2P game my guy, but nice try

I wasn’t the one making the comparison first (or at all for that matter), you were:

Besides, still trying to figure out what D2’s content has to do with IRL rewards in comparison to Halo Infinite?

Just saying, what does that have to do with the facts I pointed out?

We are talking about the amount of content new light players are offered, and they are offered everything from the day D2 was released with the exception of expansions that they have to purchase. Struggling, Yeah, I know this, I’ve played destiny since destiny 1 released. It’s irrelevent

Um, I just told you that in my second reply to you,

You stated this…

Seems to me you are trying to avoid a lot of what you clamed.

Anyway, good luck with all that.

How about reading the full context of what I posted instead of the blurb you’re trying to pass off as my only statement.

TLDR: Even trying to play the base experience, new players run into road blocks that prevent them from progressing further into even the base gameplay of the game.

Gear means nothing if you can’t do anything with it.

Everything? Have fun with playing the Red War I guess?

How apropos that pointing out how acquired loot is irrelevant to a gameplay experience that locks players out of the gameplay experience is “irrelevant” in your eyes :thinking:

Did you? Seemed to me like you were calling D2 a true F2P.


^This? What does this have to do with D2’s content vs Halo Infinite’s content that YOU specifically brought up in response?!? That’s all that I’m trying to figure out!

I’ve addressed every single one of your points…

Edit: hits me with a bait react, doesn’t follow up on their own points after telling me I don’t follow up on their points after following up on their points :upside_down_face:

Edit 2: flagged as “spam”, edited out the “spam” that didn’t exist.

I think it is kinda cool tying game events into products. I get a laugh at how many people get upset over companies trying to make money selling stuff. Heck I may actually try and finish the event and get the jacket just to spite some here…hahahah… it would be cool to see some sort of events for MCC with a product tie in.


Thank you for this funny comment, friend.

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Oh, no. I couldn’t give a crap about it. I’m just calling it for what it is.

Neat jacket but the real price is $125 after you complete your tendie checklist. Don’t get why the badass scorpion is on the inside and the lame fractures emblem on the back. Plus I’ve no need for this after dropping some serious money on a Soul Revolver jacket.

So they’re doing a Bungie Store thing? Where the OG price was $777,777,777 and you get a code for completing a Milestone to get a discount

It’s how I got my Ace Of Spades replica


Kinda just sad rn. the jacket looks kinda cool in my opinion, I do think $125 is a bit pricey but i would still pay for it. I’ve completed the event pass but still haven’t gotten a code. I’ve made a post on this, but now seeing how lots of other people are even acknowledging the existence of the jacket I was wondering if any of you knew how to fix this and get the code, it doesn’t show up in my notifications on PC or mobile.

I still haven’t got the code either. I guess I’ll just have to pay full price for the jacket.