Fracture: Entrenched Tanker Jacket Regular price $117,343.00!

This is obviously a mistake but did laugh when got a one time code for the Jacket only to see it’s $117,343,00 :rofl: :joy: :sweat_smile:


It’s kind of simple, what’s with the random emblems down each arm? Wait…

Why did they put the coolest part of it on the inside of the jacket, and not the back?

Scroll down a bit on that page and it has:

This is not the real price for this jacket. The Fracture: Entrenched Tanker Jacket is a Halo Gear Rewards item, exclusively for Halo Infinite players completing the Fracture: Entrenched Event Pass. Qualifying players will receive a code to reduce the price to the intended retail cost of $125.

Shipping is 1st quarter next year.


Absolutely overpriced. For 125 Euro you can buy Jacket of better fabric quality.

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“here’s your reward, pay us $125”

i don’t think they understand what “reward” means.


I don’t get the fuss, tbh. Bungo is doing the exact same thing with their “Bungie Rewards” for years now. You finish a big raid or whatever, get a code for their store and show off your limited clothes or collectible pins to others. If you want to have Halo-themed time-exclusive clothes, get the $125 jacket. You won’t get anything for free, especially not from 343.

The wording might be confusing, 'cause you only get a chance to purchase the item for the retail price as a “reward”. 343 has only copied the rewards idea and term.


It’s bs to have to buy your reward. And this is a bigger rip since the cool graphic I would want to show off on my jacket is on the inside anyway. Pretty lame that if someone complimented my jacket on the street, I would have to take the damn thing off to show them the best bit. = /

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125 for a jacket? They trippin.


Probably 1 sleeve shorter than the other due to a de-sync problem :rofl:


I think they do, Bungie’s been doing “rewards” successfully for years at this point, 343 wants to cash in too.


Why would they give out a jacket for free for playing a free game?

just an odd way of doing it. personally, i don’t want it. it looks nothing special.

having the games is enough for me to enjoy the series.

That’s fair, nobody is forcing you to buy it anyway.

No different than Destiny Rewards. If you don’t like it don’t buy it. Pretty simple.

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Ah, I was misunderstanding them. I thought this was like a rafle prize kinda thing where only a hand full of jackets were going to be given away. Seems a little silly to me to give out a code to allow us to purchase something at the intended retail price. This is just creating the illusion of exclusivity and reward.

This whole time I thought the jacket was going to be free. :nerd_face: I do like the patches, but $125 USD is pretty steep. I think $80 - $100 would probably be the sweet zone for a lot of folks.

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The thing is, I do like it… I just can’t really afford $125 dollars! I can’t help but feel that what could have been a really cool idea has just turned into yet another meaningless Microsoft cash grab. very disapointing.


Just because Destiny does it, doesn’t justify it. It’s still a garbage money grab for gullible suckers.


That’s fair, but this might suggest there are other “reward” style events in the future. It could be incentive to set some money aside if you can see yourself participating in such events for such “rewards”.

I liked the concept of Destiny’s reward system, but none of the gear really interested me, so I kept a little fund off to the side until I saw something I liked. 10 months later I got my hands on the “Expunge” hoodie.

I don’t know what else it could possibly materialize as though?

Where’s the difference between selling a limited run of these for $125 to which a select few “first” customers get their hands on limited merchandise, and selling these to customers who actually put out the effort to obtain limited run merchandise?

They’re both cash grabs, what would be a better option?

There’s nothing particularly unreasonable with the concept though, opening up sales of exclusive merch to players willing to put out some effort or simply just play the game seems like a fairer way of doing things than the Wolverine boots “first come first serve” concept that favors scalpers.

Seems pretty just to me.

True, but at least Bungie offers a lot of content/cosmetics/loot that you at least feel you are playing a complete game. Hmm, what has 343 offered since this beta released?