Fracture Entrenched Length

Hi guys, just wondering if anyone knows how many weeks exactly the entrenched event will be returning. Some of the dates I’ve seen give the impression it’s on four weeks throughout the season but articles on this website have said it will be recurring six times throughout these six months. Does anybody here happen to know for sure which it is? I kinda want to complete the full pass, but I missed the first couple of weeks and don’t know whether it will still be possible.

3 more weeks after the current one, so 6 weeks total.

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Such a garbage way of doing things.

MCC just has the entire season event challenge period be 3 months long so people can keep working on it the entire season.

Infinite decides to fomo Event progress even.


I finished my Battle pass and I finished Fracture. No more free swag until Season 3. November 8.

Not going to do the rest of the weekly challenges. Too much work for something like an armor coating…

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There’s also Alpha Pack coming July 19th, if leak is correct:

Each time the event reopens you can only progress 10 levels at a time. Time gating and limiting progession is bad game design borrowed from mobile gaming.

Cheers mate
(20 charmanders)

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