Fracture challenges taken up by normal challenges

Just completed 3 fracture challenges now the rotation of random challenges has taken up the slots for the fracture ones. Why are these not separate seeing as you have to do them in a separate lobby. Now I have to go complete random x challenges and hope the fracture ones come back in.


Ya this needs to be addressed asap, I grinded out the weeklies after I got home from work, and I’m only rank 7, no more challenges left to even get to rank 10 cause I thought all challenges counted which they don’t, they made it seem as the progression goes to both passes, but only event challenges counts, which blows, so I’m going to have to get more challenge swaps for next time and hope I can actually get to 30

Definitely intentional.
They don’t want players to get all the rewards fast so that they can cheat you by selling variants in the shop.

Some of which I may add, are already in the Pass.