Fracture armor. Question

Some of the armor used in the images for the fracture event isn’t viewable in game. Like the base yoroi helmet looks like it has attachments in the images

That is because they probably intend to sell those variants in the store.
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I saw someone with the twig horns on their head and i’m like how.

It’s in the battle pass

Ay bots en partidas esos tienen accesorios que aun no salen y los bots se identifican con el 343

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Honestly, I’m concerned at the precedent being set for Fractures cores with this Tenrai event. The pitch for these indicated to me that they were fun one-offs, not substantial alternative avenues for grinding/paying outside of the Seasonal Battlepass system.

Definitely, frustrating how it was advertised vs what we’re getting.

If each week has seven challenges and completing all by the end of the third week equals 21/30 tiers. So how would we get the other nine?

The event will run for a total of 6 weeks so should have enough challenges to get to level 30 on the event.

ww w.halowaypoint. com/news/fracture-tenrai-event-launch

There are supposedly 6 Tenrai events.
This season goes to may giving us 7 months.
December has “Winter contingency”
That leaves 3 blank months after February.
Those will probably be more Tenrai.

They changed it from the Kabuto model to the Hikeshi model so that we’d work harder for the model everyone actually likes intead of the kinda’ lame Hikeshi.