Fracture and season 2

The battlepass is here to stay so in accepting that. I think moving forward instead of having these massive battlepasses that can take 6 months to complete. Each playlist, slayer, swat, etc should have thier own fractured pass…each with thier own set of challenges. That way people can play what they want. The battle passes never expire so they can just stack up the ones they dont wanna play season after season until they are ready to grind them out months down the road when players are ready for a new experience.
There are a lot of us with families and full time jobs who will have thier hands full with just a fractured slayer pass in 3 month seasons. Swat and snipers is still slayer and will give the hardcore something Similar if they finish the basic slayer a month early.

If they bring out a new season & the selling-point of it is the return of Slayer I’m going to internally cry,

the mode among every other mode currently in the game should’ve had it’s own separate playlist from launch, it makes no sense to bundle them all into one playlist other than to artificially inflate the time it takes to complete challenges.

Unfortunately free to play games have always needed this smaller playlist concept. How are you gonna complete your oddball kills challenge if you keep getting capture the flag. You pay for a swap consumable. It sucks but at least this proposal allows 343 the chance to recupe money from the playlist fractures most dont wanna play in order to unlock specific things through these consumables sales. While allowing us to play what we want.