FR33BORN-Nation Recruiting!

Hello Everyone. I’m the Clan Leader of FR33BORN-Nation and i’m looking for active, fun, good, competitive players that know what there doing in the halo franchise and this is a really good i test try out new members everyday we’ve came a long way from Halo CE on the regular Xbox and we do Tournaments of our own and we’ll play Custom Games on Saturdays and sundays and on Mondays through fridays we play matchmaking and will play with clan members and will help players reach 50 in gametypes on the Halo Master Chief Collection Multiplayer and will do our best to bring the entertainment to our members of the clan and collect best clips of all the clan members will make Community Montage for them to show world our skill! Now i’ll tell you all little bit about my life and what i do: I am Gamer, Entertainer, Art/Graphic Designer, Music Artist, Sponsor Organizer and i help community websites and advertise peoples pages, websites, clans, videos, forum threads, community’s, clubs, groups, and anything to support people. I am from Fosston, Minnesota, United States and i’ve lived here all my life and i am taking classes for Art/Graphic Designing and I’m a youtuber with 290+ Subscribers and i have a Instagram with 2,000+ Followers and Vine with 1,000+ Followers and I play mostly what ever i can for my fans and to bring entertainment to my fans and followers and have had this clan for over 11 years now we recruit a lot of people a day as well and enjoy meeting new fresh members that are interested in joining our clan and we would love recruit you guys to this clan!

Rule of this Clan:

  1. Respect all leaders and members!
  2. If there is an issue your having with members of the clan report it to me or the other leaders of the clan!
  3. If your in our game you need a Mic/headset so we can communicate as a team!
  4. you need to be polite to gamers on Matchmaking but if someone treats you like crap and calls you out then you can do what you want from there to the people.
  5. Don’t spam members of the clan messages, invites or so on!
  6. If your looking to join a team in a gametype such as Big Team Battle, Team Slayer, Halo 2 Anniversary and any other teams we have contact me or the other leaders of the clan!

To contact me add me on Xbox Live or message me on twitter, facebook, youtube.

Youtube channel:
Twitter Page:
Facebook page:
Xbox Live Gamertag: FEAR FR333BORN