FOV on Series X|S

I’d really appreciate an FOV slider, for at least multiplayer. I’d understand if the new consoles can’t handle campaign at higher FOVs, but that feature in multiplayer would be so much appreciated. The low FOV tradition of console shooters is really growing tiresome, and games like Apex Legends, Battlefield, even COD have surprised me by adding this feature to console. And honestly, it’s a feature that keeps me coming back. Likewise, I’ve lost desire to play MCC (no FOV on 120hz), H5 ,and R6 Siege. Once you get used to higher, more optimal FOVs, you never want to go back to that constant-turning, motion sickness BS again.

This is a request for a highly practical, and accessibility-oriented feature for players on the new consoles. If there’s a way for the Xbox One generation to handle this feature, then absolutely throw that in, too.

Please consider, thanks.

An FOV slider would be really nice! I play a lot of Titanfall 2 and I enjoy having a FOV at 110, it feels like you are moving faster than normal with a high FOV. i just hope that if they do add a FOV slider, it will be available to player like me, who don’t have a next gen console.

Agreed! FOV is something I always tweek when the game has the option.

an FOV slider is in place currently for MCC on Series X|S (only at 60fps currently - but I’m sure it’ll be in at 120fps soon). So I’d be very surprised if they didn’t have that present for Infinite at launch for consoles - at least Series X|S.

I did not realize that the fov slider for MCC goes away if you have 120hz mode on. I do hope all next gen games regardless of platform start getting more customization features in terms of their graphics like FOV or different graphics presets. More options is better for everyone!

In case you hadn’t seen - looks like we’re getting what we asked for!

FoV is coming to MCC console and is already on PC, which means Infinite will most like have this feature too.

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> In case you hadn’t seen - looks like we’re getting what we asked for!

I saw that man, I’m so glad they listened to those of us asking for it. Kind of hard to believe it’s been 3 months since the initial optimization already. Regardless, that was awesome news; viewmodel adjustments and more customization for controls has me excited too.

Your welcome

What? The mcc on series s/x can use fov at 120 fps the changed it with an update or you are using an old build. They literally said that fov slider is coming for both xbox and pc. Seriously do you guys read the blogs or just come here to talk without it

FOV sliders are so nice to have. One of the main reasons I switched to PC.

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> I play a lot of Titanfall 2

I see you too are a man of impeccable taste.

The FOV slider option is present on the Xbox One X MCC, so I don’t see why the Xbox Series X HALO INFINITE wouldn’t have it too🤷🏻‍♂️

As others have said, 343 have confirmed that FOV Sliders will be coming to Xbox in Halo Infinite